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    I have a page header for my home page working fine in elements – however I have tried to add another for my contact us page but it just won’t show on the front end no matter what I seem to try.

    Am I missing something?


    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    in the Header Element have you selected a Background Image?



    Yes – I’ve got a background image set and some HTML content just saying ‘Contact Us’. I’ve tried to copy the header element that is showing fine on the home page.


    David Customer Support

    Are there any other Header elements apart from the one set to the front page?
    If so can you disable them by saving as a draft.



    Ah that’s it! There was one called ‘Global Header’ which must have already been in there when I installed – deleted it and my header is appearing. Thanks very much for the help!


    David Customer Support

    You’re welcome.
    Display Ruless for Header Elements will conflict – so you either have to be very specific for each element or use the Exclude rules if you have one set to Entire Site.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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