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    My caching/performance plugin allows me to manipulate each file one by one and I’m trying to efficiently optimize each file from GeneratePress. Could you take a look at the screenshots I’ve attached and help me with which one’s can safely be manipulated?

    The 5 options are to

    1: compress
    2: combine
    3: move to footer
    4: inline
    5: don’t load

    I’d love to move as many needed files to the footer and the ones that may prefer being loaded in the header to be loaded there.

    Also sometimes files don’t like to be combined I’m noticing. Could you tell me if any of these GP files would rather not be combined either or compressed for that matter?

    Hope this makes sense.





    I doubt that this will have any noticable effect on load time. Generatepress is extremely lightweight. I can easily get a site to load in under 400 milliseconds, if the customer does not insist on crap like a slider or a page builder. Caching does not really make a difference.


    I have sliders and page builders haha. But, lightweight one’s also. I’m curious cause I have 40 websites running the same setup with GP. Some are heavier than others.

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    Hi there,

    i would recommend only Combining and Minimising the Theme files.
    Don’t move them or defer them as you will end up with CLS issues.


    Thanks, Dave!


    Some days ago I tested caching on a very lightweight site running on GP. It literally did not make any difference at all, like a few milliseconds or so. And I can’t really say whether this was due to caching or just the usual difference between measurements.

    I’m a little biased here, since I really love GP. But I would say with confidence that a properly made site running on GP is as fast as WordPress can be. However, even huge differences in load time between sites are normal. A Woocommerce site using sliders, a page builder, social media and so on will always be much slower compared to a GP site, that is lean and mean.

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    You’re welcome Anthony!
    And thanks for your feedback mkjj 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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