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    Back in 2017 I had a web-designer build a few sales pages for a digital product I created (current live on is in the Private info). As a result of having this OptimizePress built sales page, I went with OptimizePress’s Smarttheme (for the blog theme).

    However I don’t like the home page (see private info)
    I have never been able to get the Hero image to size property and on mobile it looks weird (only a segment shown)
    My main website is already happily with GP Pro, so far so good

    1. How can I transition the web-designer built OptimizePress sales page?
    2. i.e. can I still have the OptimizePress plug-in – it is just for that 1 page on the website
    3. If I choose Bold GP Premium or which GP premium theme do you recommend? to make the current hero blog image on home page to be resized and responsive on mobile.
    Thank you in advance

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    1. Sales page
    This would be a copy and paste process. You could simply copy and paste the content from the sales page front end and paste it into the WP block editor. the Block editor is rather good at maintaining the HTML markup whilst getting rid of proprietary code. You will need to then update the images, if the new site is on a different server/domain, and find a plugin for the Buy product.

    2. I am unsure on this. Never used Optimize Press but i would assume it could be kept as a standalone. Maybe there support will have a better idea.

    3. the Bold Site is built in Elementor. Unless you’re already an elementor user i would probably avoid those sites. It introduces a whole new proprietary page builder that just adds to the learning curve and later potential lock in.

    Personally i would begin with one of the Sites built with the Block editor and our GenerateBlocks plugin. There are about 12 sites designed by Mike Oliver recently added to the list that are a good starting point.

    To create the responsive hero. I would use GenerateBlocks. The key issue with your current hero is that its just an image. For good responsiveness you want to separate the elements into Background Image and content ie. Logo | Title and tag line | Your Image. Each of which could occupy its own Grid Column. This way they can behave responsively.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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