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[Support request] One pager with custom links: Scroll to below sticky menu?

Home Forums Support [Support request] One pager with custom links: Scroll to below sticky menu?

Home Forums Support One pager with custom links: Scroll to below sticky menu?

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    Hi Tom,

    I just created a one pager (GP premium and SiteOrigin PageBuilder), but I have one little problem with the sticky menu:
    The menu (height 40px) moves the content exactly these 40px lower automatically and so when adding the menu the content correctly starts below the menu. But when I hit a menu item to make the website scroll to that section, the navi hides the top of that section. Do you know how I can change that so the page scrolls to just below the navi instead of the top part of that section being hidden by the navi (as it does correctly in this tutorial-video from SiteOrigin)? It tried a not-so-elegant workaround and added 40 top-padding to a row with an anchor, but that didn’t work either (and it wouldn’t be the final solution anyway).

    An idea that just comes to my mind while I type this: Do I maybe have to use hooks and put the anchor in there so it is above the section, not inside of it?

    Additional questions:

    1. Can I use and #contact interchangeably? So when I link from a page within the domain is the #contact enough or is that only for jumping to a section within the very same page, not from different pages within the same domain? (I understand that I use to jump to a specific section on a page from a completely different domain or from a link in an email.)
    2. Where does the slow scroll-down come from? => I remember I had to put some code into my first version of this site (built with Beaverbuilder) to make the site scroll instead of jump. I built this new version from scratch (with some copy & paste), but I don’t think I entered your data-scroll-bla-bla again. Still the site scrolls smoothly, and it also does in the tutorial video on building a one pager from siteorigin (see above) – but they are not using GP?! Does this mean there is already a slow scroll function within SiteOrigin PageBuilder? Or did you add that to GeneratePress? Or did I accidentially add the scroll code you gave me some month ago when coyping the text?



    For anybody having the same problem:
    While I searched this forum for the third I just found this which may answer my question about the hidden-by-the-navi top of the section content:

    Also I read you had a baby earlier this year? Congratulations! I hope you get enough sleep … πŸ™‚
    As a father of three: You’ll get through these sleepless nights, and before you know it the little ones beat you in chess …

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Andi,

    1. You can use just #contact if you’re on the same page as the anchor. If you’re linking from another page, you need to include the URL as well.

    2. I’m working on building something directly in to Menu Plus, but it looks like you found the temporary solution.

    Haha, thank you! Definitely looking forward to her beating me in chess! Enjoying the baby stage, although I could use a solid sleep πŸ™‚

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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