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    Hello Generatepress team,

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Google’s upcoming ranking signal criterion, I just read an expert piece on the same on Link Assistant – https://www.link-assistant.com/news/core-web-vitals-guide.html

    Given many of us use a cache plugin and follow best practises (such as compressing images and not installing plugins unless necessary), is there anything else we can do to make sure we have a good LCP, FID and CLS scores? Is Generatepress cognizant of this forthcoming update and working on further optimizing Generatepress? Until then what other steps can we follow to keep our site at the best possible SEO health?


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    If you’re already following best practices, I doubt there is anything to worry about. Of course, it’s important to follow along and tweak things if necessary.

    As for us, we’re constantly trying to optimize GeneratePress to be better and better. I’m currently working on GeneratePress 3.0 which further minimizes the amount of CSS/JS necessary to run the core theme.

    If we continue to do that, we should do just fine with whatever future scores are introduced 🙂


    Hi Tom

    Nelson here.

    In the last month, my traffic and ranking are all dead with the new LCP, FID and CLS.

    I took a leap of faith and used one of the templates in the site library (Dispatch). I probably didn’t know how to deal with the HTML and shortcodes. Google is finding everything wrong with my site.

    Don’t know what to do now. Really need some help.

    Customer Support

    Hi Nelson,

    if you want to raise a new topic where you can share a link to your site – we can take a look.


    Hello, Tom and David
    How are you
    im using Generatepress for few websites and I use https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ to test the speed, which are not good.

    In fact, my website is a few contents.

    Customer Support

    Hi Paul,

    if you want us to take a look at the site, then raise a new topic where you can share the URL privately and we’ll take a look


    Sure David, I’ve done just that. I’ve also raised a new topic as recommended.
    Google Pagespeed Insight makes the CLS even clearer.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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