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    Hello Support at GP !

    Ok, I’ve decided to go ahead with the new site.
    Using Slideout as the theme. Please see

    I’ve first uploaded content.
    It’s now about fixing problems and experimenting with styles.


    1. How do I disable, then later perhaps enable, “Follow Me” and “Recent Posts”?

    2. See the menu. The items are displayed twice. In the hard-wired menu.
    Then below. How do I delete the ones below? I could not figure that out
    under Menus on the backend.


    No questions here, yet. I’ll have to acquaint myself with the option.

    Thanks !


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    1. Go to Appearance > Widgets and remove the 2 widgets from the Off Canvas Panel. You can always add them back in.

    2. Go to Appearance > Menus. Create a new Menu, and DO NOT add any items to it, and set its Location to the Primary Navigation.


    As always, David, extremely fast, and 100% solution.
    Thank you !


    P.S. Not a problem if you roll your eyes at me,
    but I’m gonna take another look at taking
    understand-culture.com, copying it, modifying
    it a bit to serve as johnottomagee.com

    You admised me on this a week or so ago. But
    had problems duplicating the site. I’m gonna give
    it another stab.

    Customer Support

    Let us know how you get on πŸ™‚


    So far so good.
    I have duplicated the site with the help of Duplicator.
    Now deleting on johnottomagee-files on server.
    If that goes well, I then drag n drop in the duplicate.
    And if that works, need only to tweak a few things on johnottomagee.com,
    i.e. logo, etc.


    Ran into problems.
    Decided to not fuss for hours.
    Instead back to the original idea: Slideout.
    Let’s see how quickly I get download it, created pages/posts, etc.

    Customer Support

    Feel free to open any new topics if theres anything specific you get stuck on.


    Sure enough the first snag:

    In backend.
    Appearance … GeneratePress … Site Library does not open (spinning dial).

    Customer Support

    Go to Tools > Permalinks and click Save Changes. Then retry the Site Library


    No Permalinks in Tools.
    See screenshot.


    Same problem when trying to update license key.


    BTW … the site is using the theme Spacious,
    which I had downloaded a few weeks back.

    Strange. Because I thought I had wiped the
    site totally clean, including re-downloading

    Customer Support

    Sorry my bad – in Settings > Permalinks.

    Is there anything on the site you want to keep ? If there isn’t then you may want to wipe the site clean and start over.
    Your host could do that, or you can use the WP Reset plugin to clean up. And you can uninstall the plugin afterwards πŸ™‚

    It may be worth doing as it sounds like the database still has old content in it ( if you’re seeing an old site ).


    Not your bad at all, David.
    I should have found that.
    Been using WP for several years.
    Dopey of me !

    Not much to wipe clean.
    Just got rid of theme Spacious.
    Other than that no pages or posts of mine left over.

    Ok, I’m back at the beginning.
    Upload pages. Then work on style.

    You’re always a HUGE help, David.
    Thanks !

    Expect to hear from me as I proceed.

    Customer Support

    You’re welcome – we’ll be here πŸ™‚

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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