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    So I was building my pages and suddenly any change I make is not taking into effect.
    For example, I have a hero block for pages.

    When I reduce the size of H1 on hero block, the size reduced. But putting back to higher number does not work.
    If I go to Generate blocks and regenerate CSS, then the higher number works.

    But even this does not work for mobile. Nothing I do for H1 size affects in mobile.
    Will share all screenshots at bottom.
    Hope someone can help as I’m in process and don’t want to delay it.

    PS: CSS is saved in external file

    Thank you


    I checked other pages and blocks and all seems fine.
    So it is just happening with this one hero block.

    Now I have set the H1 to 20px and its still stuck at 60.

    Also cross checked with rocket.net if they have any caching issues and no issues on their side after they did some tests

    Edit: What I noticed is, it is taking effect after sometime while I make other changes. But still not sure why its happening. Would be good to know and how to fix as it can happen to any block.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    just to confirm this is what i see:

    The issue you may be having could be localised.
    Caching on the browser. Caching on the Router. Caching by your ISP.

    Its not a theme or a GB thing – we don’t have cache.

    When making modifications and testing, its best to view the site using an Incognito/Private browser this will eliminate browser caching and extensions.


    I did try incognito, different browser, different server and then only came here asking for help.
    That particular block is still having the same issue.
    It works right away only after I click “regenerate blocks” , else need to wait some some mins (10-15 mins) before it changes

    Also please remove the screenshot now that I have already seen it.

    Customer Support

    If its taking 10 – 15 mins to update then it really sounds like a server setting. Theres nothing in GB or GP that would delay the process.


    It works right away if I click on regenerate css in GB.
    Anyways its just 1 block and not necessary for operations now. So its fine.

    Thank you as always 🙂


    Hi David.
    We are live and everything is working fine.

    But this one block has continued the issue.
    I don’t know what to do as you guys don’t accept its your issue. Rocket.net also checked all their logs and they have no issue

    For this block whatever fie I push it never reflects. Hope someone can help

    Customer Support

    Are you seeing the wrong CSS now ?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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