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    I searched through the webpage and help and couldn’t not find any answers to my questions, so I’m hoping this will work!

    First off, let me ask the main question. Is it possible to create a homepage such as Dan Browns with sections? (http://www.danbrown.com/) Not the menu or anything like that, I know I could use anchor links and such, but just how the background scrolls and some sections allow you to “see through” to the background. I don’t even need the see through sections to contain anything, I just need to be able to see around it. If it is possible, can you tell me exactly how to achieve this?

    Also, I’m confused on exactly what the Parallax feature does. I’ve tried messing with it in every way I could think of and see absolutely no difference. I thought that this was how to do what I needed, but again I can’t get it to work.

    And lastly, I have updated to the newest update but don’t see some of the options that are in the main GP Premium video. My guess is these are outdated videos and things have been moved around, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything.

    Thanks for any and all help!


    Okay so I’m not entirely sure what was going on, but I did figure out my problem with “see through”. I really have no idea what I was doing wrong, but I deleted all the sections and redid them and it’s working, but the rest of my questions are still valid. ^_^

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    Hi there,

    The parallax feature moves the background image as you scroll – it’s very subtle, but you can increase the effect: https://generatepress.com/forums/topic/2-separate-questions-parallax-nav-menu/#post-184461

    Which settings can’t you find? All of the videos should be up to date.

    Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi Tom and thanks for getting back to me! I’ll mess with the parallax feature and see if I can get it to actually move. That’s not a huge deal if not, since that wasn’t a feature I even knew existed until I started messing with it more!

    And yet again messing around with things helped me answer my own question regarding the missing settings. I didn’t look closely enough to the video to realize you have to populate the Content Settings area in the Page Header area before all the settings appear.

    I think I’ve figured everything out…too bad I didn’t experiment a bit more before posting! Sorry about that. Thanks for your help and thanks for the great themes/plugins!

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    Lead Developer

    No worries! Glad you’re getting the hang of things ๐Ÿ™‚

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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