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    1. I’m using the full screen background image for a minimalist type website – but the width on other pages is way too wide. I can shorten it using the layout meta box but that also shortens the full width footer. Any ideas? I’ve uncommented the css entry below thinking this would allow me greater control over the width, but alas! My default width in the customizer is 1170px.

    /*.contained-content {
    	max-width: 1170px;
    	margin: auto;
    		text-align: center;*/

    2. I’m using sections so that I can use anchor links to two sections on my page. The IDs are ‘newest-interviews’ and ‘latest-articles’ the first one doesn’t work, despite me using the siteURL/#ID format in the URL box of the menu item.

    3. I’m using the “Use Nav as Header” option with transparency on the main page so I can still see the background image. How can I keep it as transparent for the home page only?


    I can obviously use plugins like Yellow Pencil to make changes for every breakpoint, but I don’t believe that’s the correct way to do it – I don’t want tons of media queries!


    Solved problem one by uncommenting:

    /* ------
    body .grid-container {
    	max-width: 100%;
    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Have you solved all the issues?

    If you are just starting to build the site, I would highly recommend using our upcoming block plugin GenerateBlocks instead of Sections:

    It’s currently in Beta testing but we are moving along nicely and getting ready for the official release soon:

    One of the main goals of the plugin is to replace the old Sections add-on which won’t be getting any updates now.


    Hi Leo, problems 2 and 3 I’m still struggling with! I will try generateblocks to help me with problem 2. Then repost here. Bascially can I create anchor links with the container grid in generateblocks?

    If you could help with problem 3 in the meanwhile that would be great!


    Customer Support

    I think a merged header element would be what you are looking for.

    It allows you to set custom navigation colors for that specific header element:

    Please try to keep 1 question per topic in the future so it’s easier for us to manage. We don’t mind you opening as many topics as you’d like 🙂



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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