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    It seems that My Featured image does not display when I display the post.
    I tried to tweak some of the customiser parameters but to no avail.
    I’m a newbie at WP so I might have overlooked something.
    I also checked the forum for some similar problems but the answers didn’t seem to help.
    I also have Elementor Pro 2 installed but I tried to display the post the WP way.

    Many thanks in advance for you help.


    GeneratePress 2.1.2
    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    I see an empty page header assigned to the post which should be the problem.

    Did you assign something global locations?


    Hi Leo,

    Thanks for answering.
    But being a WP beginner I don’t really understand what you mean.
    There is no such option as “Pages Headers > Global Locations” in my customiser.
    Maybe it has to do with the GP Premium Headers tab of the dashboard.
    I have made 2 .jpg screenshots but I don’t know how to include them in this msg.
    How should I proceed ?

    I have also set a menu which I assigned to Main Menu and it doesn’t appear when I display the post.
    I might be completely mislead but I’m a beginner.

    I’m just starting my first blog so I can give you its credentials.

    Many thanks for your support.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    From the Dashboard > Page Headers > Global Locations you have the Toutes Pages page headers assigned to single posts (articles).
    If you edit the Toutes Pages page header and from the Content tab select Add Background Image and then add some padding e.g 300px will make the header 600px high. Then you will see the featured image that is assigned to the posts.

    For the menu on the Page Headers advanced tab, you have set the page header to merge with the site header and within there are the custom navigation colors. Perform the above and if there is still an issue we can assist.

    Please remove your credentials from this post, i have made a note of them


    Hi David,

    Many many thanks for your dedication ! It works !
    A few more questions if you don’t mind,

    1. How do I remove my credentials from the post ? It seems that if I edit it I have to resubmit it…
    2. It seems I have to adjust the padding depending on the size of the image (300 px would only show part of it..)
    Also my image spans the whole width of the screen.
    Is there a way to have the image wholly displayed and centered above the post text ?
    4. If I’m using Elementor 2’s new header template facility will there be a conflict with GP Premium’s Header ?
    5. How can I include screenshots in my messages ?

    Sorry for the headache and once more many thanks for your support.

    Customer Support


    1. Yes edit and re-submit. It will just update that post.
    2. Yes, you the padding will size the height of the container.
    3. You can set the Page Header to contained, and it will remain the width of the content. And then use the padding to assign the height. Alternatively you can remove the page header and just leave the featured imaged to display, but you wont be able to merge it with the navigation.
    4. The elementor header template works fine with GP, but it will remove the GP Site header and its functions such as sticky nav and merge with page header. If there is something you want to achieve that you feel you need ELementor for then we can advise how to do it with GP.
    5. You need to store the images online and then use the img tag with that URL.



    Many many thanks again ! You are great !
    Fantastic support !

    Customer Support

    You’re welcome, glad we can help. PS… i would change the login you provided, as the forum is open and we cannot tell who is watching. Have a good day!


    Will do ! Thank you !

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