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    Hi Tom, AL Guevara, I’m a reseller and user of your premium plugin since 2017 or 16.

    My client, Tom Chester, sent you a support email earlier, asking you about his purchase of your $39 plugin in 2018. He was not aware he purchased this, had no idea he bought anything from you. (NEWB)

    Today when he hired me again, he wanted to go to a 3 column theme (was using Twenty-Seventeen) so I naturally suggested he buy GP from you. When we got to your website to BUY it, his Firefox, showed a SAVED password so we used it and logged in.

    He had no idea he had purchased this then, never downloaded or used it at his website. (Turn-stone.com)

    So we’re asking you if you can reactivate his purchase, for a short time, so he doesn’t have to purchase it again.

    I’m a customer and an affiliate. (user: albabes)
    My Affiliate Link: https://generatepress.com/premium/?ref=364

    PS. not sure he used my affiliate LINK, and don’t care.

    Thanks Tom
    Alvaro Guevara


    Leo Customer Support

    Hi there,

    We’ve received the request through Account Issues from Tom.

    Tom will take a look later today.




    Thanks Leo


    Leo Customer Support


    Thank’s Tom for granting my client “Tom Chester” his unused license again. for short time.

    AL Guevara

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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