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    I’ve created and modified a child theme exactly the way I want it, but I want to style one page differently than the rest and have created a page template. Now I wish to modify the css code to style the “site-main” section on this one page while so that it’s different than the rest.

    I believe I’ll need to change the “site-main” to some other name in order to accomplish the css change so as to avoid changing the existing pages, my only problem is I don’t see where I can find the “site-main” within the php files to modify.

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    No need to do that – your custom page template will add a class to the <body> element of that page.

    For example, the default page template has this class: page-template-default

    So yours will be something like that but with your page template name.

    Then you can apply CSS to the site-main element on that template like this:

    .page-template-templatename .site-main {
        /* CSS in here */

    Let me know if you need more info ๐Ÿ™‚


    Thanks Tom,

    That worked just fine.

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    I have encountered a problem on my website and especially on the child theme that I installed
    after doing the update; on my website the student dashboard doesn’t allow me to input the email with lower cases instead every first letter word is capitalized: like Martinpaik@Gmail.Com and same thing for the password, I have requested help on company name lifterlms (where I purchase some of the add-on for my website and they said:
    On Sat, Jan 13, 2018, at 1:09 AM UTC, LifterLMS Support <help@lifterlms.com> wrote:
    Hey Martin,

    It appears that this is caused by some custom CSS that’s been added to your site.

    I’ve highlighted the responsible CSS rule in the attached screenshot.

    That rule appears to be coming from what I imagine is a custom CSS area of your theme (Generate Press).

    The selector for this rule is: “body, button, input, select, textarea”

    If you look for that rule and remove “input” from it that will fix your issue.

    Hope that helps,

    my question is how can I find the location of the CSS to delete the input of the capitalized and modify it with normal or lowered letters son I and my students can access the website?
    (the child modify theme was provided by Adam Peisert from WPcrafter) but I cannot hold him
    please help
    martin Paik


    this is where i got it from
    Theme Name: WPCrafter LMS
    Theme URI: https://wpcrafter.com
    Description: Description
    Author: Adam @ WPCrafter
    Author URI: https://wpcrafter.com
    Template: generatepress
    Version: 0.1

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    Hi there,

    Can you please open a new topic and provide a link to your site?



    Css Modification
    thank you Leo


    Student dashboard is under website all the down on the main page

    Customer Support

    Please open a new topic. Thank you.


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    New topic

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