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    I have several problems with my Mobile Menu.

    1) Mobile menu in general is not showing all categories it caps the last 3 categories
    2) Mobile menu seems to work great in archives like categories (still not showing everything) but when it goes to post the mobile menu stops working.
    3) On “post” the mobile menu is not clickable like stated above and also the navigation menu stops being sticky and the menu moves to the left beneath my logo. In settings I have the menu on the right side which works on archives but not on post

    What did I already tried?

    1). tried debugging with all plugins turned off. Gave 1 error for a plugin but it did not resolve this problem.
    2) Have empties my cache many times.
    3) It all works great when I use the mobile width on my desktop but not on my iphone.

    Would appreciate the help 🙂


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    can you try disabling the cache plugin and let us know.


    disbaled it just now

    Customer Support

    The missing categories is because the list is too long for the mobile menu – may i suggest using the Off Canvas Panel as this will allow scrolling:


    And I think the Cache was messing with the CSS and Javascript as its working fine on my iPhone.
    Can you clear your phones browser cache and test – if its working try re-enabling the cache and let us know


    Thank you, will look at the canvas panel. And yes its also working for me now….so its the caching :(. Thanks for the help I will trial and error to see what setting on my caching plugin is messing with the design.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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