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    So the mobile header has a width that’s different than the rest of the page. Is it my phone, or do you also see it that way?
    Also, the footer has a strange width/layout (don’t know the right word).

    Any idea what the problem is?


    Customer Support

    Hi Norman,

    Mobile header looks normal to me. Here is what I see:

    As for footer widgets, look like you have this CSS added:

    .footer-widgets, .widget-area .widget {
        padding-left: 140px;
        padding-right: 140px;

    You should be able to use customizer feature for that:

    Let me know if this helps.


    Leo, thanks for the reply.

    I’m still having some issues concerning the upper part of the front page.

    I made the site using Safari. It shows perfectly here. But when I open the site with Firefox or IE on windows, it changes the layout a bit. I added pictures to show.

    I also added a picture of the mobile layout, not sure why it’s different on your phone.

    This is the site:

    edit: SOMEHOW I corrected the mobile layout:) but now the logo is squeezed..

    Customer Support

    Hmm the mobile layout and the logo both look fine to me:

    Maybe try clearing cache?

    As for the blocks that are misaligned, you should check with Elementor since the code is from them.


    It’s so strange it looks fine on your mobile.

    But thanks again!

    Customer Support

    What browser are you using on your phone? I’m using chrome.

    I assume the problem is that the text is blocking the face? If so that content is also Elementor so might be best to check with them 🙂

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    It looks like there’s some horizontal scroll which is probably causing that issue for you.

    Try this:

    .elementor {
        overflow-x: hidden;
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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