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[Support request] Mobile and Tablet With Elementor Not Working

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    Hi guys! Thanks for the awesome theme!

    So I have GP Premium and Elementor, but when I access the page on mobile or tablet, it doesn’t show the same as desktop.


    Can you assist?

    Also: Custom Fonts pleaaaase

    EDIT: Minify cache or settings was the issue, not sure which. Took a few tries.

    GeneratePress 2.0.2
    GP Premium 1.5.6

    And yes I’ve emptied all caches possible


    Nope, issue came back.Randomly, and I cleaned all caches again.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Your site looks good to me on my mobile device.

    Looks like you’ve fixed this again?

    If you are still encountering issue, try #1 here: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/debugging-tips/


    Im having the exactly same issue here: https://trebolorganics.com/

    Responsive version is not working, on mobile shows the same version than in desktop but smaller.

    Would you help me, please?

    GeneratePress 2.4.2
    GP Premium 1.10.0

    Customer Support

    Looks like it’s working for me.

    If not please check with Elementor’s support as I don’t see anything from GP on that site.


    No, it’s not working… If you try the mobile version in the browser it looks fine. But if you try directly in a mobile phone it doesn’t look right.

    Can you try in a mobile phone, please?

    Thanks in advance

    Customer Support

    Have you tried disabling all plugins except GP Premium and Elementor to eliminate any conflicts?


    Yes, i’ve tried disabling all plugins and it still didn’t work.

    I also tried another theme (Twenty twenty) and the responsive did work this way.

    That’s why I’m pretty sure it could be a GP problem…

    Customer Support

    We haven’t had this issue reported before at all – the original author mentioned that this isn’t a GP issue either.

    What happens if you disable Elementor as well?

    If that still doesn’t work, can you actually open a new topic?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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