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    I just changed my website over to WordPress and am using GeneratePress and premium. https://pickingyouridealniche.com
    is my site. I have set it up not to show the menu. On the page for my laptop or desktop no menu show but on mobile it shows the menu including my product download page where anyone can then download the product without buying it.
    I went into customize and went through every aspect making sure that the menu buttons all said no menu and they do, but the mobile still showing the menu.
    Also I am having issues with the linking up with ClickBank now that I changed it over to WordPress.
    Thanks, Keith
    P.S. I am using version 2.2.2

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    if you update GP Premium to 1.8 – its currently a Release Candidate version available to download from Account > Downloads on this site – then the Disable Navigation will also apply to Mobile.


    Hi David
    I uninstalled 1.7 and installed the 1.8 beta but it looks no different then the earlier version and did not give me the mobile menu off option. I have turned off the menu in every area I can find and it still showing up on my mobile. Yes I also cleared my mobile history so it should be clear and it still brings up a menu.
    Thanks, Keith

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Strange, just tested it and it’s working on my end.

    Do you have any active custom functions on your site by chance?


    Hi Tom
    As far as I know I do not have any custom functions on my site. It was a mini website built by GFX-1 and everything worked with clickbank. I had my thank you page set up and they could down load the order and bonus products. Now that does not work the way it did since I started changing it over to wordpress. These are the only plugins I have installed on here at this time.

    Classic Editor
    Deactivate | Settings
    Enables the WordPress classic editor and the old-style Edit Post screen with TinyMCE, Meta Boxes, etc. Supports the older plugins that extend this screen.

    Version 1.4 | By WordPress Contributors | View details
    Select GDPR Pro Helper
    GDPR Pro Helper
    Make your WordPress site GDPR compliant with this powerful plugin.

    Version 1.8 | By GDPR Pro | Visit plugin site
    Select GP Premium
    GP Premium
    Deactivate | Configure
    The entire collection of GeneratePress premium modules.

    Version 1.8.0-rc.2 | By Tom Usborne | Visit plugin site
    Select Loginizer
    Settings | Deactivate | Upgrade
    Loginizer is a WordPress plugin which helps you fight against bruteforce attack by blocking login for the IP after it reaches maximum retries allowed. You can blacklist or whitelist IPs for login using Loginizer.

    Version 1.4.1 | By Raj Kothari | View details
    Select MaticPress Client
    MaticPress Client
    MaticPress Client is a client side plugin of MaticPress.

    Version 1.0.10 | By Ommune | Visit plugin site | Check for updates
    Select Simple CSS
    Simple CSS
    Simply add CSS to your WordPress site using an awesome CSS editor or the live Customizer.

    Version 1.1 | By Tom Usborne | View details
    Select TablePress
    Deactivate | Plugin page
    Embed beautiful and feature-rich tables into your posts and pages, without having to write code.

    Version 1.9.2 | By Tobias Bäthge | View details | FAQ | Documentation | Support | Donate
    Select WPForms Lite
    WPForms Lite
    Settings | Deactivate

    Did you bring my site up on your phone and check it out?

    Thanks, Keith

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    I did, the element is active on the page even though it shouldn’t be.

    Are you removing it with the Disable Elements metabox, or a Layout Element?

    Any server caching?


    Hi Tom
    I was doing it in the layout, I have now done it in the disable element section as well and it looks like it is working. Thank you so much for all the support.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Strange, should have worked in the Layout metabox as well. I’ll do some testing.


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