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[Support request] Main Navigation Menu Text Disappear

Home Forums Support [Support request] Main Navigation Menu Text Disappear

Home Forums Support Main Navigation Menu Text Disappear

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    Siong Boon Lim


    I need help.
    My main navigation menu text suddenly disappear.
    That last thing I remember is installing a Dashboard Notepad plugin today.
    Tried disable the plug-in but still couldn’t get back my main menu.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.
    This is my site,

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    i can see the Main Menu items, try clearing your browser caches to see if they re-appear.

    Siong Boon Lim

    Thank you David.
    I am able to see the menu too using my Chrome browser.
    It is a problem with my firefox browser.
    I clear the cache, but still no text displayed on the menu.

    I will continue to see if there are other solutions.
    Thank you very much.

    Siong Boon Lim

    I have tested on my mobile phone’s browser.
    The text on the menu also doesn’t appear.
    It seems that could be more than just a cache issue…
    Could it be?

    Customer Support

    I can see the navigation menu.
    Can you try clearing any browser / plugin / server caches and test on a different network ie. not the same wifi network your desktop is on.

    Siong Boon Lim

    I tested my mobile on the mobile broadband network.
    The same menu text is missing.

    Using my laptop to test it through another mobile broadband network.
    Used Firefox, Chrome, the menu is displayed correctly.

    I think maybe some settings on the browser (my mobile, and the firefox on my laptop)
    is causing the problem.

    Customer Support

    Can you try disabling all other plugins apart from GP Premium to see if there is a conflict

    Siong Boon Lim

    Hi David,

    I have disabled all the plugin except for the GeneratePress plugin.
    The problem remains.

    Customer Support

    Have you tried removing your custom CSS in your child theme’s style.css temporarily and see if it solved the issue?

    Or you can try activating the parent theme to test.

    Make sure to clear your caching plugin after every change.

    Let me know 🙂

    Siong Boon Lim

    The generatepress used to have a place to edit the css.
    Now it is gone.

    What is clearing caching plugin?

    Customer Support

    GP never had an CSS editor.

    Your CSS is added in your child theme.

    Try activating the parent theme first, if the issue is fixed, then go through your CSS to identify the error.

    Siong Boon Lim

    Yes. After I activate the parent theme,
    the menu is ok now.

    Should I keep it as the parent theme?
    Is there still any benefit of keeping the child theme?

    Customer Support

    If you quite a bit of custom CSS in your child theme which I assume you need them?

    If so you will need to identify the code that is causing the menu text to disappear in your child theme’s style.css.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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