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    It took a while – but now I am sure:

    Some pages jumped some pixels to the right or to the left “without reason” compared to the page leaving. I checked a lot and ended with the conclusion:

    This effect happens if the text length (independent from 1 to 3 columns design) varies from disappearing behind the footer or not (brief abstract).

    Am I right and could someone verify this effect? Is there any HotFix or CSS I could use to eliminate this behavior?

    Thank you for any hint and support,

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    is there any particular page i can see the issue happen?


    Hi David,

    please look at https://wertanalyse.mobi

    I made two duplicates of “wertanalyse v0” and positioned these at the top menu (v1 and v2).

    You will see that v1 moves some pixels to the right – because I shortened the text from the main column to end above the footer.

    In v2 I added the right widget as it is in v0. The text of this disappears behind the footer. And bingo: now the content jumps back to the left = to the original position of v0.

    My conclusion: the jumps do have to do something with the 3-columns-container CSS description/layout and the fact, if all columns end above the footer or at least one column disappears behind it.

    Could you please check and solve this problem?

    Thank you,

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    I believe what you’re seeing is the difference between your browser showing the scrollbar or not. v1 isn’t long enough to have a scrollbar, so the page is wider. v2 has a scrollbar, so it’s a little less wide.


    Hi Tom,

    I think, you are right. How could I compensate it via css? I remember there exists a css element/code, that inserts a “functionless” scroll bar with the only function to insert the bar. Do you know an elegant solution?

    In the meantime I found out:

    “overflow-y: scroll” would be an acceptable solution. But how to override “Inside:2”?
    Where and how has it exactly to be inserted?

    SOLVED: overflow-y: scroll; in “body” von style.css (child-Verzeichnis)

    body {
    font-size: 1.00em; /* hyphens */
    -webkit-hyphens: auto;
    -moz-hyphens: auto;
    -ms-hyphens: auto;
    -o-hyphens: auto;
    hyphens: auto;
    background-color: white;
    overflow-y: scroll; /* Scrollbalken ohne Button wird auch bei Seiten mit wenig Text eingeblendet, um horizontales Bildspringen zu verhindern */


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Glad you found a solution, thanks for posting it 🙂

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