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    I reached out support via email and it was my email:

    I faced a severe issue of Lighthouse content paint error on my website.

    I reached out to my hosting provider, Bluehost. They detected that the theme file was causing the issue.
    Please note I’m a premium customer of generate press.


    Your site needs some optimization, we are fairly limited on what we can assist with there.
    But if you can raise a topic in our Support forum we can take a look at the site and provide some advice:

    SO I’m raising a ticket for checking my website as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    ok – i ran a page speed test on your site.
    And looking at the Opportunities i see:

    Reduce initial server response time – This is server related, the simplest way to improve this is by enabling Page Caching on the server. If your host doesn’t offer that then you can use a Cache plugin.

    Google Fonts are notorious for dragging pagespeed down when loaded from google. You can improve that by loading them locally – see here:


    Google Ads are another issue. You can use a plugin like Flying Scripts or paid for WP rocket or Perfmatters to defer the loading of those scripts so they don’t get in the way of your page loading.

    Those are the main issues i see and would focus their first. The Page Caching may be something you leave until last.

    When you speak to your host, if you could ask them what in the Theme File they saw as an issue and how they detected it – it would be good to know if they see something that they think is an issue.



    I talked to the host and they replied this:

    When we rename the theme folder, the website used to work, and when working with the theme, we used get a blank page.

    When we disable the theme, the website uses the default available theme or the WordPress core files crudely.

    I have increased the memory limit, and also advanced configuration settings have been done by the server end team.

    I’ll clear page cache, and regarding google ads, I recently applied to Adsense, and it’s under review. So, currently, my site is not showing any google ads.

    Do I need to worry any anything else now? What do you suggest?

    Kind Regards


    Apart from this, I want to ask.
    Can I add something like this to my content using generate press:

    When you click on the blue color points, it opens a content box.

    Can I create something like this

    Customer Support

    Your hosts reply, i am sorry but i have no idea what they are talking about lol

    I would begin by following my instructions above ie. add some Page Caching, load the fonts Localally, and delay your advert scripts ( currently you do have google adscripts loading on your site and those take up resoruces whether ads are displayed or not.

    For you other request, you can use an Accordion plugin like this:


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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