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    I’m trying to have a layout where there is a hero image at the top, below the navigation menu, then a container for the various content blocks.
    I want the blank container for the blocks to have padding, but not the hero image. I want the hero image to be full width as is the navigation menu. But then I want all pages to have a blank container with padding.

    I’m looking at the documentation for elements and layouts. But I’m confused about if I create a layout where the container has padding, then the hero has padding also.

    Where am I going wrong? 🙂

    Thanks in advance.


    I see that I can just add a container to each page then put the blocks in that and control the padding there. But I don’t see how to move existing blocks into the container.

    I get also see the templates which I can set display rules on for layouts. And I see how to create my own template to apply. That looks like the way to go.

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    Hi there,

    you would use the Block Element – Page Hero for the wider content below your header:


    For the other content below that – it should respect the Container Width – can you share a link to your site where i can see how its setup ?


    Got it, I’ll give it a try with that strategy. If I get stuck I’ll send a link. It’s not live yet.

    Thanks so much as always.


    Ok, I’m closer but stuck. Forget the hero part of it for the time being.

    I am trying to create a post template based on a custom post type.

    I have a Block > Content Template.
    I’ve set the display location to the custom post type.
    So far so good, it is what shows up as that post type.
    But I want to add custom fields to that Block > Content Template.
    I have dynamic content blocks set fine for the title, content, featured image and excerpt.
    But then let’s say I have 5 custom fields I want below those, which will be available to fill in when I create the posts.
    I don’t see a block that lets me call in custom fields? Am I just missing it?

    Thanks again in advance.


    The only options I see for dynamic content are:
    Post Content
    Post Excerpt
    Term Description
    Author Description.

    This is the Dynamic Content block > Type dropdown below “Choose your dynamic content type”.

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    Hi Laura,

    You can use a GB Headline block for this.

    You then set it’s dynamic value dropdown to “Post meta”. A field for the custom field slug should appear.

    It’ll look something like this – https://share.getcloudapp.com/OAuGXOPW

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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