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    Hi. I have the latest GP Pro and I had to uninstall Elementor as, apparently, it was clashing with my LMS. I am very happy with my menu but no with the rest of the landing page. I did try to recreate the one you show on your website (sections) but when it came to the info in columns ([/lgc_column] [lgc_column grid=“33” tablet_grid= “50” mobile_grid= “100” last= “false” style=”padding:30px;”]) it didn’t. I transcribed the code you used but it doesn’t come out right.
    I know nothing of CSS, PhP, and et al, so I was wondering if it was possible to fix the code or if you have a template I can use, I only need something very simple that doesn’t look like it is now.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    What’s the actual problem?

    Your site content is currently from Elementor and everything looks normal to me?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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