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    Hi there
    This issue could be related to Beaver Builder or my web host. But I am trying to import a Beaver Builder template from one site to another based on this tutorial (https://youtu.be/IjkZE3omGyk) on animated typewriter effects without using a plugin by David Waumsley . The issue I am running into is that my Javascript code just won’t save. I will post the same question in the Beaver Builder support but I thought that it could be theme related hence why I am posting in the GP support Forum. I know a little bit of CSS and HTML but I know nothing about Javascript so this could most likely be a stupid mistake I am making somehow somewhere

    P.S Here is the code that won’t work. Hope I am allowed to post code snippets

    var TxtType = function(el, toRotate, period) {
    this.toRotate = toRotate;
    this.el = el;
    this.loopNum = 0;
    this.period = parseInt(period, 10) || 2000;
    this.txt = ”;
    this.isDeleting = false;

    TxtType.prototype.tick = function() {
    var i = this.loopNum % this.toRotate.length;
    var fullTxt = this.toRotate;

    if (this.isDeleting) {
    this.txt = fullTxt.substring(0, this.txt.length – 1);
    } else {
    this.txt = fullTxt.substring(0, this.txt.length + 1);

    this.el.innerHTML = ‘<span class=”wrap”>’+this.txt+'</span>’;

    var that = this;
    var delta = 150 – Math.random() * 100;

    if (this.isDeleting) { delta /= 2; }

    if (!this.isDeleting && this.txt === fullTxt) {
    delta = this.period;
    this.isDeleting = true;
    } else if (this.isDeleting && this.txt === ”) {
    this.isDeleting = false;
    delta = 500;

    setTimeout(function() {
    }, delta);

    window.onload = function() {
    var elements = document.getElementsByClassName(‘typewrite’);
    for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
    var toRotate = elements.getAttribute(‘data-type’);
    var period = elements.getAttribute(‘data-period’);
    if (toRotate) {
    new TxtType(elements, JSON.parse(toRotate), period);



    GP Premium 1.5.6
    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Where are you adding the code?


    Hi Beaver Builder has a field for inputting Javascript so that’s where I dropped the code. How can paste that code in Generatepress’ individual pages. Is it via the Generatepress hooks module maybe? The funny thing is I have a demo site running Generatepress free + Beaver Builder premium and the animated typewriter effect seems to be working without issue, see here: capelivin.demo.site. But the same settings won’t work on the GP Premium version. I have installed a plugin that achieves the same typewriter effect so I will continue to investigate why the Javascript code is getting stripped out, probably it’s likely my lack of Javascript skills


    Customer Support

    Usually that would go in the wp_footer hook wrapped in <script></script>

    GP shouldn’t altered anything that’s entered in BB (or hooks actually).

    I’d wait to see what BB say.


    Sure, I will try adding the code to wp_footer hook and see how it pans out. Thanks Leo

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