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[Resolved] Issues with Tickera and woocomerce layout

Home Forums Support [Resolved] Issues with Tickera and woocomerce layout

Home Forums Support Issues with Tickera and woocomerce layout

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    I’ve installed tickera and connected it to woocomerce. So now my tickets are a woocomerce products.
    The item page looks great.
    Once I hit “add to cart” and I go to cart that’s when things go wrong.
    item is at the link I added on the field bellow.
    In the cart page the “update cart” button have no text in it unless we hover.
    Question 1: How to fix that button text?
    Then, once we get to the check out page, everything looks really bad.
    The way it should look is that the buyer info form will be on the left and the attendee info would be on the right (with more attendee forms under the first one. Then the checkout on the bottom.
    The way it looks now is the buyer info/form on the left, then on the right is just the “attendee form” title, then under the buyer form is the attendee form (which is repetitive and confusing if more than one attendee).
    Then under all that is the checkout/cc form, which also looks confusing where it says “your order” is completely out of place.
    Question 2: How to fix the order and the appearance of the checkout page?

    Thank you

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    I assume everything was all good before without Tickera?

    If so have you checked with their support first?

    I see that the plugin has overwritten most of the styles from GP in the checkout page.


    Actually, I have not used woo before with or without GP. We did use tickera without GP and without woo and it looked fine. But now we have the need to connect tickets to woo and that is the result that you have seen.
    I will contact them right away, however, is there a way bring back woo’s checkout page style to the GP style and make it permanent?
    Thank you.

    Customer Support

    Not if Tickera overwrites the default style in GP.

    You could ask them if they can de-register the style they’ve added for the Woo checkout page.


    Got it. I think the issue was created because they haven’t updated the Tickera woocommerce addon to work with the latest woocomerce. But what you said makes sense. I will reach out to them again, or hire someone to fix the css (they have slow support).
    Thank you again Leo, your (and GP team) support is awesome.

    Customer Support

    No problem 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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