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    Hi Tom,

    My colleague has noticed a few display issues on the home page of a site I’m building in Ipad Portrait and Landscape. Unfortunately I dont have an Ipad to check these but on my Android tablet there are no issues so I tend to think the problem is with his Ipad Browser.

    However, I would really appreciate having a look at this to confirm any Ipad issues.

    http://prnt.sc/dd836b – Logo not positioned correctly
    http://prnt.sc/dd844j – Slider and first 2 buttons out of alignment


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    Lead Developer

    The header thing is odd, seems to only happen on orientation change.

    Try adding this CSS just to test:

    .site-logo {
        float: left;

    As for the columns, you need to add lgc-tablet-push and pull classes as well.


    I’ve added the float to a min-width: 1024 media query as it was stopping the header widget from wrapping under the logo in portrait tablet and below views.
    Can you see if it helps landscape view? – Although this is isnt a big issue as my colleague has confirmed it only happens on orientation change and is fine after refreshing.

    The columns already had tablet push/pull classes and it seems it was these causing the tablet portrait issues, adding the following CSS seems to have fixed it:

    .lgc-tablet-push-25, .lgc-tablet-pull-50 { left: 0 !important; }

    Can you pls check portrait view?

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    Lead Developer

    iPad is currently being used for nursery rhymes, but will check as soon as I get it back.

    I’ll look more into this orientation change thing – might be a bug (a very strange one).

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    Lead Developer

    Strange, I can’t get this to happen at all on my test sites.

    Adding the float left on your site seems to have fixed it on my iPad.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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