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    I have built a couple sites with the Catalyst theme and some or all images are not showing on Safari.

    I’m wondering if there is a specific reason for this that has been discovered? All coding looks correct so I’m not sure if it’s a browser-side thing or what.



    Tom Lead Developer

    Strange, I’m not great with Safari, so I haven’t experienced this before.

    I did try to download the image using Safari, and I couldn’t open it on my Mac. It says the file may be damaged?

    It might be worth re-uploading them to see if it’s the issue.

    I’ll forward this to David as well, as he uses Safari more often than me.


    David Customer Support

    Did you fix this ?
    I am looking at the Home page and i see the same single static picture on Safari as i do on all other browsers




    I have not checked the pages on Safari yet, and was relying on the browser of my client to do so.

    Do you also see the images on other pages as well?


    David Customer Support

    Yeah i am seeing the images across the site – which is peculiar as i am pretty certain Tom’s macbook will be the latest OS / Browser as is mine. So not a software disparity.

    Are there any javascripts running that have anything to do with images ? such as lazyloaders



    I turned off the lazy loading function of the SiteGround Optimizer, a plugin that works with the hosting account’s caching tech.

    Perhaps it has something to do with webp? I believe I have it set to convert all images to webp as they are uploaded. I’m pretty sure that should be compatible with all browsers, though.


    David Customer Support

    WebP isn’t supported by Safari so part of that conversion process should ensure a fallback is available – the images i am seeing on Safari are PNG’s. What were the original images you uploaded ?



    oh interesting. they have all been uploaded as pngs or jpgs originally. let me check to ensure that the fallback settings are correctly configured.


    David Customer Support

    Let us know what you find

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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