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    The images in my pages are flashing (I don’t know if this is the exact word I should use) when the page is loaded. You can see how the image is loaded “a bit bigger” and then (after less than a second) it becomes its expected size. I don’t know how to explain exactly but it’s easy to see in the URLs attached in the private section.

    When entering the first time or when refreshing the time you cans see this effect.

    Before opening this ticket, I have disabled all my plugins:

    – WPGMaps
    – WP Fastest Cache (normal and PRO)
    – WP Rest Cache
    – Download After Email
    – Getwid
    – OAuth client login for WordPress
    – reCAPTCHA by BestWebSoft
    – WP-Sweep
    – Yoast SEO
    – A custom plugin writen by me (kind of game for visitors, they have to complete certain actions so that they can see hidden sections and images in the site)

    I have also disabled my child theme and used GeneratePress out of the box. Same efect.

    These are other things I have found:

    – If I change to default Wodpress them problem disappears
    – If I use GP and I log in, then the problem disappears too
    – This did not happen in the past, so maybe one of the last WordPress updates created a conflict with GP theme

    This is not a very critical issue but is a bit painful when navigating in the pages. Moreover it did not happen in the past so there should be a cause.

    Do you have any idea where the problem could be?

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards.


    Customer Support

    Hi Luis,

    I’m not seeing this issue, I even recorded the page loading process to watch it bit by bit, but no, there’s no such issue on my end.



    I have been on holidays. I have checked the site again and I can reproduce the issue.

    If I go to the provided URL (see private information) the efect appears clearly. If you refresh the page several times you will see it.

    Customer Support

    Hi Loixiyo,

    I tried testing from my end as well, and I couldn’t replicate the issue after a couple of tests.

    What device are you using? Could you try using a different browser to test? If that doesn’t work, can you try a different device and a different network as well?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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