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    I use Squoosh to compress the original files. During upload, WordPress generates the sizes 300×200 and 150×150. I looked into the resized files and tested with squoosh which would compress the images around 30% more. To do this manually for all files is not easy. My question is therefore if you can suggest a solution to have a better compression directly on the server or even a desktop tool (windows) which allows a good compression and batch processing.
    Thank you

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    Hi there,

    for server side compression the simplest means would be one of the many plugins like squoush or smush. But they can so rack up in costs.

    If you’re responsible for all images then optimization before upload is the best bet.
    I work on a Mac and use the free ImageOptim plugin which allows batch processing and works really well. There are some PC alternatives that i cannot recall the name of.

    Alternatively Adove Photoshop and Affinity Photo allows you to set up macros to create batch events that handle this just as well.


    Hi David, thank you for your suggestions. The problem is not the original photo, which I resized already with squoosh, but the “crunched” resized images, which are not perfectly resized. I installed now Webcraftic Robin image optimizer which gives some (2%) additional optimization. I think I have to live with this for now. Squoosh would reduce the “crunched” images around 20%, but to do this manually is too much effort.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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