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    Sibi Paul


    I am Using a Minimal Design…

    I am Using Google Adsense Auto Ad Codes.

    I added Codes in to Hook…

    Now Ads Showing in Content Area,

    But Also it Shows in the Navigation Bar.

    Above the Menu items…

    Actually i wish to hide Ads in Navigation Bar…

    How to Do it…

    How to show ads only in the Text Area…?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Which hook did you add it to? It looks like you might be using generate_inside_navigation.

    If so, you should change that to something inside the content.

    Let me know 🙂

    Sibi Paul

    NO, I used the Entire Site …

    Which Option I should Choose?

    I need Only Show Ads in Posts Content Areas…

    Don’t Want even in Sidebar.

    Please Help

    Customer Support
    Sibi Paul

    For Your Information

    I have Used Google Auto Adsense Code – NOT The Traditional Ads Codes.

    What Auto Ads Code Actually Doing,

    That script Catch All the Possible Ads Space and Show Ads there…

    The Code Found an Ads Space everytime in nav bar,

    I chose the Entire Site… because I could not find an Option for… Content Area Only.

    I hope You Understand,

    if Now Please ask me to clarify ….

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    What do you have set in the hook field?: https://www.screencast.com/t/28EauTUHgh

    Sibi Paul


    Still ads showing in nav bar

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    What value do you have set in that field?

    Sibi Paul

    Settings – Hook = WP_Head

    Before it Was After Footer.

    Display Rule is Entire Site.

    ( I am using google Auto Ads Code ) Not the Typical 350×200 type display code.

    Sibi Paul

    When I am using, Adsense Display Ads Codes…

    The Traditional One, then …

    I chose Inside Container…

    Then Ad showing just under the nav Bar…

    When i changed The Code to Auto Ads,


    Ads Showing above the Menu buttons, inside the nav bar…

    Actually I wanted to Stop Ads Showing inside the Nav.

    Auto Ads is a character to place ads automatically, wherever possible…

    I hope You understand.

    Sibi Paul

    When i insert Auto Ads Code, in the Widgets on Right Side Bar or footer , or anywhere in the page…

    ads start showing as google claims…

    Acually that should work as like that…

    but, Showing Inside the NAVIGATION Bar … looks ugly in Desktop.

    I just wanted to hide Ads inside the navigation bar…

    Sibi Paul

    I wish you to check my site , with a Mobile Phone first…

    Then Check With a Desktop…

    Visit some pages… in mobile…

    so you will understand, how the auto ads work…

    That’s Just a Simple Ads code, and that code finds the spaces where to display ads… and shows there…

    The script finds, an ad-friendly space inside the navigation bar… that’s my problem…

    and I wish to show that ads, just under the navigation bar…

    Just Like showing, when I choose inside the container with normal ad code.

    when auto ads code inserted and inside container chosen, still ads showing inside nav bar…

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    It seems that Auto Ads just choose an ad location for you.

    I’m not sure if it’s possible to exclude certain areas (like inside the navigation). You’ll likely need to ask Google Adsense support if that’s possible.

    For now, you may need to manually place your Adsense ads where you want them to display.

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