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    Leo Customer Support

    Have you tried disabling all non-GP premium plugins?


    Jhon Piter

    No, I am afraid because I can not find out the exact problem.


    Leo Customer Support

    But that’s the steps you need to take to locate the problem.

    I assume the problem will disappear once all non-GP premium plugins are disabled, then you can re-activate them one by one to pin down the problem.


    Jhon Piter

    I tried but can not find the problem. please help me.

    If you permit me I will send my admin login details via

    Or If you have any other way to share login details.

    Please help me.


    Leo Customer Support

    This is something you will have to do by yourself. I still see other plugins activated on that page.

    We can take a look at the page once you disable all plugins (except GP + Code Snippet where you added the author photo snippet)


    Jhon Piter

    I deactivate most of plugins. please check now.


    Jhon Piter

    Currently, only activate thrive architect because when I deactivate this content disappear. and GP premium also activated.


    Jhon Piter

    Finally, I find the culprit plugin which is jetpack. Now I turn off this popup gravatar settings.

    Please check now. And send me CSS code.


    Jhon Piter

    Now I solve the problem.


    Jhon Piter

    Solved problem, thank you


    Leo Customer Support
Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)

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