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    I still don’t quite understand page headers I guess, although I have made several sites using them LOL

    Here are some things that puzzle me:

    – What is the function of the image field on it’s own? When I add an image to the page header, it doesn’t show up on my site.
    – What is the function of the featured image field on it’s own? When I add a featured image to the page header, it doesn’t show up on my site.
    – When I set Add background image to Yes, either the image or the featured image is used as a background, where an image has higher priority than a featured image.

    This setup is very confusing to me, I just don’t understand it. Please shed some light on this!

    Another thing: when I set Merge with site header to yes, the main menu (set below the header) suddenly hovers above the header, instead of the background image being just the background for the header with the main menu below it.

    Also: what is the purpose of the Add padding function? It doesn’t seem to do anything. It has no relationship with the padding fields, so it seems. (BTW: it would be nice to have 4 padding settings, instead of 2).

    FYI: I’m using GeneratePress 1.5 RC1

    Customer Support

    Thanks for your reply. However, the documentation doesn’t explain:
    – why both image and featured images don’t appear in the header. They only appear when used as a background. But if they can only be used as background, why is that an option instead of the default situation?
    – why the main menu is not placed under the page header when you choose to merge page header and normal header. It doesn’t make sense to have a menu across the header.
    – what the Add Padding option is for. It does nothing. You can set padding with the padding fields, regardless the Add Padding option.

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    Lead Developer

    1. They should display just as is when you add a featured image or page header image. Is nothing displaying on your page if only an image is selected?

    2. Merging the page header simply places the site header and navigation within the page header element. This is to achieve a very popular look where the header/navigation is transparent, sitting on top of the page header content. It’s not possible using an option to merge your site header, and still have the menu show up below the page header. There is a function we can add to achieve that if you’d like.

    3. The Add Padding option adds your regular content padding to the page header element. So if your content padding is at 40px, your page header will inherit that if checked.


    Thank you Tom.

    1. That is correct. No image visible. Featured image is not visible on pages anyway, regardless if page headers are used or not. On posts they do show. I also tested with no active plugins except GP Premium. Same results. When GPP was disabled, the featured image showed. I looked for a setting in the customizer that could cause this, but found nothing.

    BTW, I don’t see any reason for a featured image for a page header. Do I miss something? And I would expect to be able to have the option on single pages for a page header that overrides the default one. Is that something you would consider adding?

    2. OK, I understand the mechanics of the page header now. I thought it was the other way round: merging = putting the page header inside the header container. I would like to have the function for that please.

    3. Allright, that is clear now. A bit confusing I think to have two different ways of setting a padding. As far as I am concerned, the Add padding option could be removed, and the padding field could be just 1 field with CSS-style padding notation, or 4 separate fields for all sides of the page header.

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    Lead Developer

    1. Can you link me to a page where the featured image isn’t displaying?

    2. Give this function a shot. It assumes your navigation is currently set to below the header: https://gist.github.com/generatepress/d25cdc125c7950bffc7223daaeea3065

    3. I agree – it’s a very old option that will likely be deprecated.



    Damn, the page header concept drives me nuts. Now I do see featured images on pages, but not if a page header is set in either page settings or global positions. So it appears they rule each other out. However, on https://docs.generatepress.com/article/page-header-image/ it says “The custom image can be useful if you already have a featured image in use, and want a different image for your page header.”, suggesting you can combine a page header featured image (whatever that is) with a custom page header image. But you can’t. Neither can you combine a page header with a regular featured image.

    Besides, I still don’t understand what a page header featured image is exactly, and how it relates to a page header custom image, and to a regular featured image. It makes no sense to me at all. They both seem to set a page header image, but you can see only one of them on the site.

    A weird thing I noticed is that you HAVE to set the Resize Image to enable, otherwise the image is not shown.

    Also, you cannot combine an image with page header content. If you add content to the page header (even a single space is enough) all the images you may have set in page header or page will be hidden. So a regular featured image, or a page header featured imagee or a custom page header image, they all hide in combination with content. Unless you use the background option, then it does show as background.

    BTW The menu reposition function works perfectly, thanks!

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    Lead Developer

    The custom image field is something that will eventually be removed, as it doesn’t have as much use as it used to, previous to 1.4.

    You shouldn’t have to use the resize option to display an image – if that’s the case, I’d need a link to the page to take a deeper look.

    If a global page header is set, the image won’t display. The page header takes over the entire area, including any featured image. They can’t be used together, as the page header is basically a more advanced featured image with text, effects etc..


    Hi Tom,

    thanks for clearing that up.

    Here is a page that has a page header + image, with Image Resize disabled. No image is shown. When I enable the Resize option, the image shows. (URL deleted by TS after problem solving)

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have an option for the page header to show or hide any regular featured images? Personally I don’t see the page header as a replacement for the featured image, but rather as an element on its own. Actually I combined the two on for example https://www.memorial-trees.co.uk/water-lily-pond/. I used a page header, and a bit of code in a hook position:

        if  ( is_singular( 'post' )  && has_post_thumbnail() )  {
            echo '<div class="blog-image venobox">';
            echo '</div>';

    But it would be easier to just have a page header option for that πŸ™‚

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Any chance you can send me temp admin login details so I can check out the page a bit more?: https://generatepress.com/contact/

    Would be hard to make a change like that now while keeping backward compatibility, as that’s the way Page Headers have worked since the beginning. I’ll absolutely look into adding it as an option though.


    Thanks, I have sent you a message with the login details.

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    Lead Developer

    Found the issue, will be releasing GPP 1.5-rc.3 tomorrow which should fix it. Will update this thread when I release it.

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    Lead Developer

    GPP 1.5-rc.3 has just been released.

    Can you update to it and test to see if this is fixed?



    Yep, it’s fixed. Thanks Tom!

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    Lead Developer

    Awesome – thanks for reporting the issue! πŸ™‚

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