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    Awhile back I saw Tom sporting a snazzy GeneratePress T-Shirt and subtle envy quietly entered my heart. I asked myself, where might I procure? I think I even asked on the Facebook page, but alas, nothing yet.

    Is there any GP merch anywhere? I would LOVE a t-shirt as well as some stickers.

    Is there any hope?

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    Lead Developer

    We’ve actually been trying to set up a merch site. Trouble is, we’ve been having a hard time finding high-quality t-shirts/clothing to print our logo on. I really don’t want to sell cheap shirts that will fade/be uncomfortable.

    If anyone has any suggestions, we’d appreciate it! πŸ™‚


    Hey Tom!

    Thanks for the reply. A lot of app developers and podcasters in the Mac community have used Cotton Bureau to print their shirts, and I must say after having ordered one that they are amazing quality. Almost everyone I hear selling shirts on my various geek podcasts are going through Cotton Bureau.

    Check ’em out!


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    Lead Developer

    Awesome – thank you! I’ll take a look πŸ™‚


    Hey Tom!

    Not sure if this ever saw any traction or not, but I would still love to show my love and gratitude for the incredible suite of Usborne-Made products via merch. Now that I have discovered WP Show Posts, and GenerateBlocks are upon us as well, I just wanted to see about the possibility of t-shirts or stickers for any of these fine brands.

    It just feels wrong that I can’t show my love for my favorite WP Products.

    Did Cotton Bureau seem like an option? I have heard that Sticker Mule is a good place for stickers, as well. I would love to help promote the brand! If I can help, let me know.



    Go check out Printful. Lots of option and quality printing


    Ooh, Printful looks awesome! Thanks Bas. Maybe Tom?



    I am still keen to get/make some GP Merch. I was thinking of trying out Printful, but I would need

    1) Your permission to get your brand identity printed
    2) Your choice of graphic, and some files to upload.

    I don’t mind doing the legwork, nor paying for the trial batch of shirts myself.

    Let me know your thoughts on this. With GB on the horizon, it may be time for the Merch store to see it’s day!!

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    Lead Developer

    Hey Bodie,

    Would love to give it a try. You definitely have my permission.

    Feel free to shoot me an email and we can look at designs etc.. πŸ™‚


    Sounds good Tom!

    I will put together some basic designs using current logos, etc. and we can go from there.

    Is there a particular email or form you would prefer I use?


    @tom – since i have been ordering (daily (as in “print motive only available for 24hours or so – see e.g. teemagnet or dayoftheshirt for overview) shirts from the usa to europe for some years now.
    Basically these shirt-shops give artists the possibility to send in designs – and either internal or on some community pages designs for prints are choosen by vote. The artists gets some money from sold units – the shop some more.

    For thirt brand to print on i would say – go with american apparel – hands down. I had one vendor change from those to some noname brand – and you could really see/feel a difference in shirt quality. I’d rather pay some bucks more then have some shitty shirt that wont last a year.
    A good shirt brand from europe is trigema. But i guess the first mentioned should be easier to have a look at yourself.

    For the print quality you should check out the faq of some of the vendors you can find on the overviews i mentioned.

    For selling – if you dont want to hassle with your own maybe you can use an already available shop where artists can create their own “gallery” – and printing is done by the shop – like designbyhumans.

    tbh a gp logo or similar wouldn’t be for me – but as i am a shirt aficionada i wanted to give my2cents.

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    Lead Developer

    Bodie – shoot me an email through our contact form here and I’ll give you my personal email.

    Thanks for the info, Matthias! I agree when it comes to quality – far better to go with something that will actually last. Really appreciate your thoughts πŸ™‚

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