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    Hi Tom,

    Per our conversation yesterday on another thread, I deleted all the styling code in my page but the WordPress editor still deletes paragraph tags – automatically. When I add the paragraph tags then click out of the editor window (before even hitting “Update”) the tags disappear.

    What I’m doing by adding the paragraph tags is actually a manual hack because the baked-in WordPress practice of using separate lines to stack lines just isn’t working. I don’t want to hack, but the dysfunction of WordPress’s standard line-break isn’t working.

    So maybe that needs to be fixed and I won’t have to add paragraph tags.

    Both the WordPress function of separated lines via line breaks, as well as the freedom to add tags is working very well in other websites with other themes, but it seems there might be a conflict with Generatepress and WordPress on my particular website.

    I’ve tried disabling all the plug-ins but it’s still happening.

    They disappear in every page on this website despite the use or lack of other customized styling code.

    If we can’t figure out what’s causing it and eliminate the gremlin, I may have to switch themes so that I can finish and roll out the website to the client.


    I figured out that it has something to do with using a child theme style sheet. I’ve taken all the content out of the child theme CSS except the heading, uploaded it, and the problem still exists but if I use the original Generatepress theme, the problem with the lines not stacking goes away and I don’t have to hack.

    But no intense customization either and I cannot think of a fix (yet)


    This is really similar to a problem I’ve just started experiencing. It seems to be related to Elementor, but I’m not sure. (It goes away when I switch the theme) Are you using Elementor by chance?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Do you have any functions inside your child theme functions.php file?

    GeneratePress itself doesn’t alter the behavior of the editor in any way. Are you using the classic editor? Our Sections module? Gutenberg?

    Let me know 🙂


    Allison – not using Elementor, but I did at first. Couldn’t make it work correctly so ditched it.


    Tom – Fully updated to Gutenberg, and I do have functions inside the functions.PHP file that refer to the child theme. That could be part of the problem but if Allison is having problems, as well, and I’ve seen others having these same issues, it seems to point to conflicting code.

    For now, I’m trying another theme to see if it causes the same issue in the editor. I’ll work on this tomorrow.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    No problem. If the issue goes away when you activate the parent theme, I’m assuming one of your functions is the cause.

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