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[Resolved] How to remove page title

Home Forums Support [Resolved] How to remove page title

Home Forums Support How to remove page title

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    I use Elementor to build the sites I need and its works great with the various themes I use. There is a neat little function in Elementor which allows me to hide the page title on a given page. However this function does not work with Generatepress theme? Is there a work around as firdt time I have come across this issue. Can I just ask if you are suggesting adding code etc you kinda explain in great depth what I need to do as a link to an article about adding code somewhere will get me in a mess. Reason I use elementor!! Thanks Gary

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    you can use the Disable Elements Meta Box which is in the WordPress post / page editor to disable the Content Title:

    So thats for a page by page basis. If you want to apply that to the entire site or just your posts for example you can use the Layout Element:


    Cheers. That’s what I did. As it’s an issue with elementor can I ask if there are many issues with your theme and this page builder.

    Using elementor I want a button to be a certain colour. Set colour and all fine. Save and open page and theme wants it another colour?? Theme appears to be overriding elementor.

    Customer Support

    Before we look at the specifics. I would suggest the following:

    1. Always clear and disable your cache plugin when building or making significant changes to your site. Especially if you’re using a Page Builder. Otherwise there is a good chance you’re are viewing an old cached version when changes aren’t being applied.

    2. The Browser may have also locked in the old cached files, so as an extra check use a Private / Incognito browser window to check … it doesn’t cache pages.

    3. In Dashboard > Elementor > Tools you have the option to Regenerate CSS – generally only required when migrating a site but sometimes it needs a click to get things sorted out.

    Now – which method did you use to disable the title? The Disable Elements Meta Box or the Layout Element ?

    Buttons – Elementor uses completely different CSS Classes to the Theme, So the theme customizer settings should never interfere with Elementor. The colors i am seeing on your site look like the default Elementor ones so is probably cache related.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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