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    Sorry for the dumb question, but I’m just not understanding how I’m supposed to manage & customize my blog page (and post pages) when using GPP with Elementor. I’d like to stick with native GPP functionality as much as possible and not have to customize every single blog post with Elementor (if I can help it).

    My blog page itself actually looks OK and I didn’t really do anything to it:

    (Dev site)

    However, individual posts (I only have 1 at the moment) need some formatting and I’m not sure how to do that.


    There’s no margin or padding on the sides or top, and the giant “Leave a Comment” heading at the bottom looks pretty crappy.

    Is there a way to customize all this using GPP? Would I or should I *ever* click “Edit with Elementor” on my blog page or an individual post page?

    Please help me understand. Thank you!

    P.S. This is the final step of operation “Leave Wix”. 🙂 Once I get my blog right, and can copy over content from the current live site and then launch this dev site into production.

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    Hi David,

    The content part is actually already taking style from Elementor Already: https://s14.postimg.org/a7dzt38wx/eleblog.png

    If you don’t use Elementor then you can change the content padding in the customizer (assuming that the Page Builder Container metabox is not used: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/page-builder-container/)

    You should be able to style Leave a Comment using h3 options in typography/colors.


    Leo, I just don’t understand how I could NOT use Elementor? How would I format & customize the post header, date, author, content, featured imagee, etc? Can that all be done in native GPP, or does it all require custom CSS? This is the part that is confusing the heck out of me.

    I’m using the Page Builder Container metabox. It’s set to Contained, just like it is on every page on my site as well. But there is still no padding around the content. I’m not seeing the same thing you shared in that screenshot.

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    What exactly about those elements are you needing to customize?

    There are GP blog options in the Blog section of the Customizer, and more coming in GPP 1.5.

    Setting the Page Builder Container to contained will remove any padding from the content (as the page builders add their own padding).

    If you’re not using a page builder on a page, there no point in using that meta box at all.



    I was looking to customize the margins / padding, font, size, placement & alignment of graphics, etc. By default with no CSS at all, my global posts template looks horrible.

    I’ve been using Elementor Pro for all my regular pages and I’ve been selecting “Contained” in the meta box for each page. But what you said in your last response made me literally slap my head! I’ve been selecting “Contained” in that page builder meta box for EVERY page I created, and then I adjust the padding & margins using the section(s) styling. UGH! So, I now realize I’ve been overriding the margin & padding settings I originally setup in the GPP customizer. I incorrectly assumed I had to select Contained since my site has a fixed width content container.

    Damn it… Once again, I feel like an idiot. 🙁

    It’s a lot of work, but I’m going to go back and “fix” all my pages.

    Sorry Tom (and Leo), dealing with WP, GPP, E-Pro, CSS, and various custom plugins all at the same time is one heck of a learning curve compared to building a site in Wix.

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    Things definitely get more complicated when you start adding so many working parts to the site.

    I’d definitely be interested in knowing exactly what padding/margins, font sizes and placements you want control over. GPP 1.5 will be blog-focused, so I want to make things easier.


    So, before I go down the road of fixing all my pages… I have the site configured with a fixed width container of 980px, and then I have some margins and padding configured in the customizer.

    If I modify each of my pages to use “Default” for the page builder container, then does it matter which I choose for the “Content Width” in each of my sections? I’ve tried both Full Width and Boxed, and I don’t see a difference.

    Thanks! -Dave


    Tom, to answer your question… Now that I understand what Anywhere Elementor Pro can do as far as creating global single post templates inside the page builder, I think that is pretty much what I was hoping to somehow do with native GPP and/or Elementor Pro.

    I just wanted to make my blog look as professional as all the other pages, while sticking as close as possible to the native WP blogging functionality. Just create new post, fill in some fields, type up my title & post, and hit publish.


    Tom: I just decided I’m NOT going to purchase the AE Pro plug-in yet. Once I fix all the alignment/margin/padding issues I created for myself, then I’ll see if I can make the blog layout work using just GPP and maybe a little CSS. Then I’ll wait and see what GPP 1.5 brings to the table. 🙂 I’d much rather keep it simple vs buying another plugin. Heck, I bought Press Elements last night only because my wife *demanded* the silly image accordian. Shoot me. lol

    But first…. I need a mental break from this computer. I’m going to pull out the roots that have sprouted from my butt and grown into this chair, and go spend some time mowing the lawn. I’ll get back to my site in a few hours.

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    Hey David,

    If I modify each of my pages to use “Default” for the page builder container, then does it matter which I choose for the “Content Width” in each of my sections?

    If you keep it set as “Default”, your container will be whatever width you have set in the Customizer, and the padding in the Customizer will apply as well.

    Setting it to full width removes the content padding and the container width, so your sections would use your page builder width/padding.

    Contained also removes the content padding (as you found out), but keeps the Customizer container width.


    Thanks for explaining that Tom. But my last question was about the section width setting within the page.

    There is a “Content Width” drop-down in each section and the options are Full Width or Boxed.



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    Yea, I don’t think those will matter if the GP container is set to default or contained, as the page uses the GP container instead.


    Awesome. Thanks again Tom! I literally feel like a veil has been lifted off my head now that I understand how these things (containers, gaps, margins, etc) work and affect things between GPP and Elementor.

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    No problem! Glad I could help 🙂

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