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    Shah Hamoshah

    FYi, i’m using theme “Split” at the moment.

    Pls advice on how to enable honeypot on search form.
    In case there’s a code snippet for it; kindly share for me to activate it using Code Snippet plugin.


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    that would be related to the Form Plugin you’re using. You will need to check with that plugins support.

    Shah Hamoshah

    Hi David,
    I’am actually using a very simple search form based on code snippet provided in this forum:

    add_shortcode( ‘search’, ‘tu_search_shortcode’ );
    function tu_search_shortcode() {
    $ret = ob_get_contents();
    return $ret;

    Would you be able to advise me perhaps another code snippet or extension of this snippet so that honeypot enabled?

    Customer Support

    That code simply creates a shortcode that calls the core get_search_form() function.
    The behaviour of that form is out of our control.

    I have never actually heard of a honeypot for a search form, and from my searches on google neither does it seem has anyone else.

    I am afraid this is out of our scope – you would need have this custom developed.
    Maybe asked on StackOveflow or use a service like codeable

    Shah Hamoshah

    Roger David.
    Tq for the feedback.

    Customer Support
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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