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    I’m trying to change the order of elements in a post.
    I currently have it looking as follows:

    <div class="featured-image  page-header-image-single ">
    			<img width="1283" height="1268" src="https://.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/1.-LOGO.jpg" class="attachment-full size-full" alt="Studio Wolle Featured image" itemprop="image">
    <div class="entry-content" itemprop="text">

    But I would like the entry-content to appear above the featured-image. I can change this in inspect element by simply copying and pasting the HTML in the position I want it. Obviously this doesn’t make changes permanent. How am I able to edit the HTML so that the changes are permanent?

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    Hi there,

    just to be clear – are you wanting the featured image to appear after all of the entry-content container ? so effectively at the end of the post.


    Hi David.

    The elements on the page are currently as follows:

    (1) div.featured-image-page-header-image-single
    (2) h1.has-text-align-left (within the entry-content class)
    (3) h2.strong

    I would like to change the order so that 2 is above 1. So the post would then be:

    TEXT (2)
    IMAGE (1)
    TEXT (3)

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    If its just below the themes H1 you require it then this:
    Customizer > Layout > Blog –> Featured Images select Posts, here you can change the featured image location to Below Title

    If you want it to be within the entry content below a H1 added in the editor then things will get a little more complicated. Let me know.


    Yes it’s within the entry content but only a part of it (the h1 above)


    Never mind I’ve found a better way to deal with this. Thanks anyway!

    Customer Support

    Sorry if i misunderstood the requirement. Glad to hear you found the solution.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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