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    Hi, I have a couple of problems that I need help with. First one is my logo: I have a feeling that when I make it bigger using the dimensions inside the customizer it may be slowing my site down. What are your thoughts on this and what is the ideal size please? Also, how do I change the position in which it shows up? At the moment it is coming up in the middle and I would prefer it to the left.

    My second problem is I have defer offscreen images present on the site and which need to be optimized. I got this information from my site support at my web hosting company. My site is loading way to slow on mobile and this was the main reason why. I think this is because my home page has to load up so many images from my blog roll. How do I deal with this problem please? And could you check out my website to see if there is anything immediate you notice that could be making it so slow to load on mobile? I would really appreciate this as I am no expert on these things.

    Thanks so much!

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    changing the logo size in the customizer won’t effect the loading time. It uses CSS to adjust the size. Personally i always try to load an image at the size its required. So uploading a 170px square logo (which is the size your logo is currently displayed) and leaving the customizer size setting to default ( just delete the number from the field ) would provide the best results.

    Speed wise, not really seeing a problem with your images. The main issue is the number of requests the site is making – currently that is 67. For best performance we need to reduce this.

    First step is to follow our optimization tips – this will combine and cache the CSS and Javascript requests:


    In addition to this if you have updated the Theme to 2.3 then go to Customizer > General and set the icon type to SVG – thats another couple of requests saved.

    Aside of this you have some 3rd party requests for google analytics etc… which is all fine and necessary – but your social sharing plugin is making a lot of requests which there isn’t much you can do about them other then maybe look at a social sharing plugin that doesn’t make requests to twitter / facebook etc.


    Hi David, thanks so much for your advice, it is much appreciated!

    I have applied all the above tips and am using the plugin autoptimize as suggested. This has fastened up my site a little bit, but it’s still in the red on mobile when I run it through page speed insights. Do you possibly have any idea what else I could do, or what else it could be that is the problem? Any thoughts you have on this would be great as I work so hard on my website and it seems to be dropping in position in GWT lately so I know something is wrong.

    Thank you πŸ™‚

    Customer Support

    Did you follow the setup instructions provided for autoptimize and the article i linked to? As currently the CSS and JS files are still being requested individually


    Hi David, yes I did follow all instructions for the plugin and all instructions through the links. I will have to get onto my website support to see if they know what’s happening. I will do this ASAP but I’m at work right now so will probably be tomorrow. I will let you know.

    Thanks again for your help πŸ™‚

    Customer Support

    Ok keep us posted πŸ™‚


    Hi David, I’m just getting back to you about my previous message about mobile page loading time. As you know I installed autoptimize according to instructions and it wasn’t working. When I contacted my website hosing company they said the following:-

    “Please note that you do not need to install any cache or speed related plugins as Site Speed feature is already enabled for your domain.
    Also, you cannot have both Site Speed and cache plugin at the same time as they might conflict with each other.”

    Because of this I have uninstalled it and have installed EWWW image optimizer plugin instead and have optimized all my images through that. However, my site is still slow and now I’m confused because I probably still need some kind of cache plugin that won’t conflict with what I already have. What is your advice on this please? I’m sorry if these questions aren’t part of your job.

    Also, how do I move the position of my logo? I’m not sure where I want it, but I know I don’t like it where it is.

    Thanks so much!


    Customer Support

    So its back to my original reply which is how best to reduce the number of requests or at least allow more requests to be processed at the same time.

    1. Ask your host if they can use the HTTP2 protocol instead of old HTTP1.1 they’re using. This will allow more requests to occur at the same time.

    2. There are a large amount of 3rd party requests which there isn’t much you can do about it aside of removing them. The largest amount is related to the Social Sharing you’re using – each of the different like/share/follow/visit functions all make a separate request. Try disabling the plugin and clearing caches and see how much of an improvement it makes.

    Logo position choices – in Site Header:

    So you can place the logo next to title:

    And then you can position the logo in the header using the Header Alignment option:


    Hi David,

    I have done what you said and asked my site support to change me to HTTP2 which they say they have (apparently it’s in the beta testing stage on my web hosting platform). They said it would take a couple of hours to work so I’m guessing it has, but I would have no idea as I don’t know where you are seeing the information about this, so could you please check for me?

    Also, your idea about taking off my social media plugin worked a treat as it literally doubled my speed straight away, so thanks so much for that brilliant information :-). Honestly, it just shows that I have so much to learn. I’m wondering if you have any other crucial tips for me on anything to do with speed etc?

    One last thing, do you think I should install the AMP OR lazy load plugins? Somebody recommended that I should, but don’t know if I need it with Generate Press theme.

    Thanks again for all your help and I will stop bugging you soon, I promise!

    Customer Support

    Hi Stefanie,

    The site is still running on HTTP1 – it may take a while for that change to propagate. So give it a nudge in 24hrs and ask your host again to confirm it.

    Yes, those social icons were adding a huge amount of weight – your requests have diminished to 21 and as you said halved the loading time.

    I think you’re home page is already well optimized. You’re keeping posts to only 5 per page which is a great way of keeping site speed up.

    You’re only using a couple of few google fonts. The less fonts and varients ie. 300/400(regular)/500/600/700(bold) you use the better. If you can minmise that further then all the better.

    So looking at one of your posts “Plant Based Diet for Beginners – How to Guide” which is quite a long post its quite heavy with images. Might make sense to add lazyloading to cut down on the initial loading time.

    I can see Font Awesome Icons font being loaded but can’t see where it’s being used. So if you can avoid using it and know which plugin requires it – would be best to remove that.

    AMP – requires a hell of a lot of setup, not for the feint hearted, and not 100% necessary at this time.


    Hi David,
    Thanks yet again for all your help in your response. So, I have contacted my site support and they have assured me that my site has been moved to their latest and fastest server. I don’t think they have HTTP2 but whatever they have done it has put my mobile speed onto 95 and my desktop onto 100, so I’m guessing this is great news for now. What do you think?

    I have no idea about the Font awesome icons or what it means so I will look into that one too.
    I’m getting there… with help πŸ™‚


    Hi David, I know I just messaged you (see above) but I have contacted my site support about the font awesome icons and they say they cannot find anything and that I need to contact my theme provider to find out the exact path – which you say can’t see either. So, what do I do about that? And is it a big problem?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    Customer Support

    It’s not a problem them being there apart from they are adding weight to your site and slowing it down.

    Do you have any plugins that use Icons, such as menu icons or other that are installed and active but not being used?


    Hi David,
    As far as I know I don’t, but really I couldn’t tell you. The plugins I have activated right now are:-
    :Categories images
    :Classic Editor (which I could deactivate)
    :EWWW image optimizer
    :HTML in category descriptions
    :Orbit fox companion (don’t even know what this is for or if I should just deactivate it)
    :Updraft backup/restore
    :WP Author Bio
    :WP GDPR Compliance

    These are all wordpress plugins and I have no idea if they use icons as I’m not quite sure what you mean by that. Maybe you can tell me by looking at them if they do? Thing is, apart from the orbit fox companion (which I don’t even know what it’s for, but it’s been on since I started my website so I’m presuming it’s there for a reason) I pretty much need to keep them all activated.

    I like to have the categories images and HTML in category descriptions as it is the only way I can showcase my categories with images and links as far as I know.

    Anyway, would love your feedback on this if it’s your area of expertise.

    And thanks again for all your amazing help, I really am extremely grateful to you πŸ™‚

    Customer Support

    Orbit Fox looks to be the likely (only) culprit.

    Just to be clear, you would like to display a featured image with a HTML description on your category archives?


    A list/grid of your categories – each one linking to the relevant category archive?


    both πŸ™‚

    You’re very welcome πŸ™‚

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