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[Resolved] Hooks, are they the right way to go?

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    I’ve been reading these 2 posts. What do you think about them. If i’m not wrong it’s suggesting child themes over custom hooks?

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    Lead Developer

    Hi Pete,

    I’ve read those articles as well, and somewhat agree.

    However, I’m still not convinced that copying files from the parent theme and placing them in your child theme then making changes is the best idea.

    What if new features are added to that parent file? The user who has placed it in their child theme will miss out on these new features.

    I personally prefer using hooks – the only downside I see to hooks is that if you change themes, your hooks will be lost. However, most additions to hooks (besides Google Analytics and similar code) are theme-specific, so even that isn’t a huge deal.

    Of course, the choice is with the user. You can use the hooks, or go the child theme route – it’s completely up to you 🙂




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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