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    Hi there.

    Really sorry for posting this here, and understand if no one bothers with it.

    I’m just after advice, as I don’t know any developers. I have posted in Forums for about 2 weeks, and not getting any help. Im just hoping you can guys can share your knowledge, so that I can learn it myself, just need a little help to get me going in the right direction.

    Im making a WooCoomerce site, which Ive never done before. And chose the Generate Press theme, as I just love it so much.

    My issue, is that the client is a Truck Parts Company. They sell parts for various different Truck Manufacturers, and Models.

    I have already got the Categories and Subcategories, so these would be Lighting, Engine, Trailer, Electrics etc. And then things like Bulbs would be a Sub of Lighting etc, you get the idea.

    The thing I am really struggling with is and cannot grasp how to do is;

    Setting up “Manufacturers and Models”. So there would be a amanufacturer, of Mercedes, and then Actros would be a model of Mercedes. Or like DAF, and then a model of CF65. There are about 10 (some have more) models per Manufacturer.

    And then the real pain, is that the same bulb, or cable, or gasket can be assigned to multiple Trucks at once, so it would be assigned to Mercedes Actros and DAF CF65.

    I then need to create a filter, so they would click, I want a Bulb for a DAF CF65, and it just shows the bulbs for the particular truck.

    the thing I need to know is what would I create the Manufacturer and Model as?

    I’ve bought Toolset, which I can see is compatible with GP Premium. And looks like just what I need to achieve what I need. Does this sound like the right thing to do?

    Again, sorry for posting this here, but I’m at a loss where else to, as I said Ive posted on about 20 different Forums, but getting no help ๐Ÿ™

    Im just hoping Tom, or the usual helpers as Leo and David see this. Id be ever so grateful for you guys to share your wisdom.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    I read this a few times and did some searching, but unfortunately I’m just not familiar enough with WooCommerce to know exactly what you need to do here.

    Have you considered hiring someone to set it up for you? Something like codeable.io might be worth checking out.


    Thanks Tom.

    I appreciate you taking time out to read it and reply.

    Its no worries, I think I have the answer I need from Toolset support. Ill keep trying with it and worse case outsource it.

    Thanks again,

    Hope you had a great Xmas and have a great new year,

    Take Care

    Customer Support

    Hi Rob,

    not sure if this will help, as it sounds quite complex but check out the WOOF Plugin or similar filter plugins:


    It would allow you to display and filter products based on multiple taxonomy and attributes. I think the challenge will be related how you use these different terms to structure your data.


    Thanks David

    I think im getting there, very very slowly.

    I think Toolset is the way forward, I think I have what need. They also seem to have a built in filter. So Ill see how i get on with it.


    I’m using their plugin to create a template for the products. The plugin I know 100% is compatible with the theme, (although Im utilising the GP Child Theme, dont know if this matters?).

    I dont know if I linked the URL for my dev site, but Im having issues with the Woocommerce CSS. I can see from the markup it seems to be adding Bootstrap grid HTML, (which makes the site look very bland, no styling at all) instead of the Woocommerce/GP HTML.

    Is this something you can help with, or is it a Toolset issue?

    Customer Support

    Sounds like something you need to take up with Toolset ๐Ÿ™‚

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