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    Dear support,

    I am looking for a way to remove the H1 heading from the source code and a way to split it up.
    I like to create a different Heading 1 above my content than the Title tag that Yoast SEO creates.

    It would be very good if I could remove the (sync) between Title tag and H1 using a function while
    still keeping the class for all the Customizer CSS edits.

    Then I would be able to just enter a H! above my blogpost and use different
    words there than in my Title tag created by Yoast SEO.

    Any idea how I could safely implement this without getting errors in
    the code from GeneratePress?


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    you can use the Layout Element to disable the title across the entire site.
    Then just add the Heading H1 to your content.


    Hi David, Thanks for the reply. So I must activate the part of Elements in the GP Premium Options right?

    I always try to have less options active as then my CSS is as small as possible and the site will then be faster of course.
    That is why I liked to know if I can use some Function to omit Heading 1 on the whole site and manually enter them in.

    But then there could be a problem if I omit the whole Heading 1 that if I manually add Heading 1 the styles in Customizer might not work as the class might be missing then and ripped out.

    But if what I like I still should use Element module than I will. I normally do all my edits in my own Functions plugin, that’s why I ask it.

    But thanks for letting me know that it is at least possible to have controle over Heading 1 and Tile tag especially now that Google’s John Mueller has said that Headings are not so important.

    I think they are important to split up long form content but do like to use a other words in the Heading on top of my content than what the Title says in Google.

    Hope this helps.

    Customer Support

    Enabling the Elements Module adds no overhead to the site.
    You can also manually disable the Title in the post editor using the Disable Elements Meta Box ( with Gutenberg you have a handy shortcut of the eye icon beside the post title ) its built into the free theme. Elements is just accessing that function.


    Thanks David, I never used the elements feature so I need to study that use of that much more if that does not make the speed of the page any slower.

    Thanks again. Hope it also works for classic editor : )

    Customer Support

    As long as the Title is output by the theme and not in your content it will remove it. You’re welcome.


    Thanks !

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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