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    I have a website …. http://www.WinonaStudent.info …. that offers banner advertising
    to Landlords who want to rent their properties to students in Winona MN

    I want to make this a WORDPRESS website … using GeneratePress

    The website is at …. http://www.WinonaStudent.info

    When you click on a banner …. say… GOLD STAR …. the menu bar stays ( a sticky menu)
    and the outside website opens in the SAME tab …. with the STICKY MENU at the top and
    the GOLD STAR website just below the STICKY MENU

    I started a new website with GeneratePress …. set up a STICKY MENU … which works
    as it should … BUT when I put a LINK on the any page, when you click on the link, you
    are take to the link, but in a NEW browser tab …. and the “sticky menu” is no where to be seen

    GeneratePress 1.3.46
    Customer Support

    Hi David,

    Are you able to provide the site link that’s build with GP? Thanks!

    The two links above are the same.


    I built the TEST site offline …. using WP Local Host …… so I cannot
    send you that site link since it’s only viewable from my desk top ….

    I could send screen shots …. but I doubt if they would be of much use

    1. The STICKY MENU works just fine
    2. I put a LINK on the page itself below the STICKY MENU
    3. When I click on the link to a website outside the present website,
    the link takes me to that outside website … but it takes me to ANOTHER TAG
    on the webrowser
    4. as a result, NO STICKY MENU …..
    5. the OUTSIDE link, needs to OPEN on the SAME page as the one the LINK is on.


    PS — I corrected the grammar

    Customer Support

    You need to create a new page for each of those advertisement and just link the image to it:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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