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    I discovered some strange behavior with GutenBlocks grid on a fresh WP5.5 site (on localhost).
    When adding a block from the More Blocks section to the grid, it won’t add to the grid column, but below the grid.
    I guess this is a bug(?).

    Unfortunately WordPress ditched the drag and drop feature, so I can’t drop it manually either.

    Adding from the blocks popup works as expected.

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    Hi there,

    Do you mean GenerateBlocks > Grid Block? i am not experiencing that issue – if i select a Column and then use any of the Add block methods it will insert it into that grid item.

    You can drag blocks by clicking and holding onto the Block Move UP/DOWN Arrows – yeah its a terrible UI.


    Oh, thanks! Dragging the UP/DOWN Arrows… who would have thought of that! I definitely don’t like the new WP5.5 UI.

    But now: adding something to the GenerateBlocks Grid. Maybe I’m missing something, but this is what I’m doing:

    1. I click on the black + button
    2. Click on Browse All
    3. Choose: Blocks > GenerateBlock > Grid and select (fx) the two column grid
    4. Click on the + in the left column
    5. Click on Browse All
    6. Choose (fx): Blocks > Text > Quote
    7. Result: the Quote block adds below the grid (but I discovered it can also randomly add the chosen block above the grid

    Now that I know how to drag a block, I have a workaround. But for other users it’s quite messy.

    Are you doing something different?

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    To add blocks into the grid from the browse you have to make sure on of the grid columns is selected first.


    Sorry for still getting back to you.
    I tried that in several ways:

    1. Select column. Click + in column. Click Browse All. Click Blocks > Text > Quote. Result: Quote inserts after the grid.
    2. Select column. Click + in column. Click Browse All. Reselect column. Result: The Blocks Sidebar disappears.
    3. Click + in column. Click Browse All. Select column. Result: The Blocks Sidebar diasappears.

    Thank you so much for your patience.
    I never had any issues with neither WP nor GP/GB. I’m slowly getting desperate.

    Customer Support

    Aah my bad – looks like a bug in Gutenberg. The Browse all Panel only adds it to the content area not inside a nested block. Well that sucks …. the search however does place them where they should.

    I’ll look on wordpress guteneberg github and raise an issue if someone hasn’t already.


    Ah, that explains.
    Thanks for posting it to Github.
    For now I have my workarounds.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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