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[Support request] Gutenberg & Sections – will there be a solution?

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    I have pages, that are built with tons of sections. Some of them (like i website URL for admin) have more than 80 sections.
    Until now I avoid the Gutenberg editor, but probably later this will not be possible anymore.
    Is there any solution in sight, that sections can be combined with Gutenberg? Especially a solution for converting existing pages?

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    We are pretty close to release our section-like block plugin 🙂

    It’s in the final stage of testing as we want to get it right.

    There won’t be a solution to convert the existing pages though unfortunately.


    Using GP since a few years, this is not good news.

    Will there be at least something, that allows converting Sections to blocks before switching to Gutenberg Editor? Or any other temporary solution, that will make the transition possible?

    As of today the website has 110 pages and most of them are done with sections. In total there are not a few, but more than a thousand sections. Additionally I need to maintain websites of some customers and all their websites have sections (another 400-500).

    How to deal with that?

    Customer Support

    There won’t be any solutions to convert unfortunately as the coding is completely different – Sections was released well before Gutenberg editor so compatibility isn’t a consideration.

    The existing pages that were built with Sections will still work/look as it is though so there aren’t really any advantages to convert over to Gutenberg.

    You would just start building new pages with the block plugin once we release it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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