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    Wendy Lee

    Hello Generate Press…

    I have been working on a website that is very image intensive – it’s an inofrmation based site with over 150 pages and humdreds of images, displayed under short paragraphs of text. I am only a quater of the way as I was a complete novice and this is the third time I am inputting content – starting with a very simple do it yourself, progressing to page builders and finally – thank goodness… I found Generate Press. It has helped me to learn so much.

    The theory behind the structure I am using, is that a young person can read a short paragraph and then see images, and then by clicking on the images they are taken to external sites that inform them further about the topic and give refrence to the image itself. However, since gutenberg gallery blocks have arrived, the external image links no longer work in gallery – along with the fact that the image captions appear on top of the images…basically making the entire site and structure idea redundant….

    I have researched a little and it seems there is no fix for this problem from gutenberg and the only solution at the moment is to install the classic editor plugin and revert back to classic editor… which I can do – again, but apparently this is only effective for another 2 years?

    What to do? Because of the content load, I would really like to settle on a definate solution that will enable me to continue to load the content without having to go back and reload it all over again…

    Do you by any chance have a solution for me?

    As a reference only I am sending my site url. to be specific – the “geometry” pages are complete in the old classic style: I started the conversion to blocks on the “astronomy” pages: “gallaxies” is a good example… no links…

    It is password protected until it is complete : Inspireall369

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    maybe use a plugin such as this, i believe it supports custom links:


    Wendy Lee

    Thank you for your response.

    I have had a look at the plugin – it can provide an external link but requires that I re-enter every image into variuus galleries and albums and re-enter cutom url links for each image in a different meta box. I have hundreds of imgages…

    Going to take so much time and reorganizing… guess i’ll wish for a wordpress gutenberg fix as the best option, all my images are already loaded, catagorized and linked in the media library…could have been sooo simple!

    Also trying to keep things as simple as possible as the content is complex, so necessary plugins only, as streamlined as possible…

    I guess Classic editor for now – a huge workload in the forseeable future if nothing changes…

    Appreciate your time

    Thank you for generate Press and the wonderful suport system that comes with it. I have literally learned to build this website from the formum pages…


    Happy days…

    Customer Support

    No problem. Sounds like a big job to do manually. The Classic Editor is the only route i can see. Glad we have been able to help (elsewhere) – Happy Holidays.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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