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    I posted the below in my original thread last weekend but I think it might have been missed…

    Apply to
    OK, I got it working now, this is extremely cool but a little tricky to get set up…

    A few things:
    1. It would be very nice if the Term name field supported multiple items so that you can apply a content template to, for example, Posts with term > Post_tag > tag1, tag2

    2. This powerful functionality screams for some sort of priority order to know which content template should be used when there are conflicts. 

    Use Case1 : I apply one content template to tag1 and another to category1. If a post is both in category1 AND has the tag1, which layout “wins”? (right now, it seems to bail and reverts to the default GP layout)

    Use Case 2: I create a Content Template for Posts with Category1 and another one for Post with Category2. It would be nice if I could still have a ‘base’ content template that handles all other categories without having to define them for all (especially since we can’t really duplicate the elements easily).

    Show notes in Element column grid

    What I meant is displaying the notes in the Elements list in the admin. For example, if I use a Content Template for a particular tag, I’d add in the notes: “for all posts with [tagName]”. A few weeks later, I come back to the site and now, I need to click on the element, scroll down and then click on “internal note” tab to see what this Element does. Displaying that note in the list columns would be very useful.

    Saw that Alpha.2 what posted. Will download and keep playing with it… Again kuddos to the team, it’s really a stable Alpha! Is there anything in particular you would like us to bang on?


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Yeah multiple Content templates within the same Archive loop are cool 🙂
    Currently they’re limited to only 2 templates. One IN a single specific term and another NOT IN that same term.

    The conditional logic for multi-terms and multiple templates is mind blowing. But it is something we’re looking into to.

    You can however have different templates for each term archive.

    I’ll pass this onto re: the notes field.


    Yes the UI and permutations logic are going to be a nightmare to design… and explain/support!! But it’s so powerful. Maybe an advanced use is better left to the functions.php for us nerds 😉

    I think that at least, there should some sort of ‘default’ Content Template so that it reverts to that instead of reverting to the non Content Template look when the logic fails. It will probably create less support tickets too.

    Can’t wait to see how this evolves (especially with Woocommerce – hint hint nudge nudge ;-), it’s really cool.

    Cheers. Olivier

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Sorry I missed your original reply! Could have sworn I replied to it.

    A default Content Template.. This seems like a necessary feature in order for these “Apply to” options to be useful. I’ll see what I can do.

    In the future, we’d like to expand on this Apply to feature more to be more complex, but it is a bit of a mind-bender.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Just a heads up that we improved this in 2.0.0-alpha.3.

    When you set a condition, you can now set a Parent Element as well. This Parent Element will serve as the fallback if the condition isn’t met 🙂


    Hi Tom,

    These are great additions! Well done.

    Cheers, Olivier

    Customer Support

    Something to note:
    The Parent > Child Hierarchy will allow you to create as many templates for as many conditional terms that you want under a single Parent Display Rules.
    You’re not limited to 2 x Templates ( ie. one IN Term, and one NOT IN term ) anymore.
    It removes the NOT IN requirement altogether which makes multiple templates a breeze.

    For example – set a Parent Element with your Fallback template, and set the Display Rules to Blog and your Category Archives.
    Then create as many child elements each with a specific Apply to > Category > Term.
    This will give you a blog filled with a mixture of category term templates as well displaying the specific template on each category archive 🙂

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