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    I have started this thread as a go to resource for fellow GP users.

    I hope that Tom sees fit to pin it.

    The idea is to list your top 5 favorite plugins with a brief explanation for each.

    Here are mine:

    1. GP premium Add Ons
    If you are doing any customization to the GP theme, buy the full suite of add ons right from the get go. The price is unbeatable and you get updates forever.

    2. Simple CSS
    I had tried several other custom css plugins before installing Tom’s own custom css solution. It runs and integrates perfectly with GP (of course) but the thing I liked most is the background color for the code page.

    3. The SEO Framework
    Light weight and easy to understand. Not bloated and full of hype. Sybre the young dev who made this plugin is very bright and replies instantly to support questions.

    4. WP User Avatar
    Great if you want to switch off gravatars and host your avatars locally. Very easy to configure and works with GP straight out of the box. Make sure you remember to limit the file size of the avatars your users can upload.

    5. Keepass
    Ok…please note that this is NOT a WP plugin. But I just had to include it in my top five favorites list. Keepass is an open source freeware program that you can use to generate, store, and manage your passwords. If you are old (and foolish) like me you may still be keeping track of your passwords by writing them down. Stop doing that right now. Download a copy of the PORTABLE version 2.34 of KeePass and put it in your dropbox. You can also put a copy on a usb stick. If you are still worried about having a hard copy of your passwords you can print one. You can get your head around using KeePass in less than an hour, and using it will save you a lot of time.

    You can download KeePass here:

    Here is a simple blog article on how to get going with KeePass:

    Well that wraps up my Top 5 plugins.

    What are yours?

    Kind Regards


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