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[Support request] Gp update is not letting me edit pages with elementor anymore

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    Hi, I just updated GP in my wordpress installation. Before that I was able to work with elementor. Now I receive a message saying “peview could not be loaded”.

    GP Premium 1.5.2
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    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    We haven’t had any other reports of this. I just gave it a shot and it worked.

    Have you tried any of the things Elementor mentions here?:


    had same issue clear browser cache solved this for me


    I’m having the same issue, but not on all my Elementor pages.

    I have two sites that are similarly built. On one, all pages that had this problem were resolved by deleting the cache. On the other site, two pages were resolved, two still get the error. I tried all the fixes that Elementor recommends.

    Not too sure what makes those two pages different than the others. Any ideas?

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    Customer Support

    It’s hard for us to tell without seeing the pages.

    Maybe try disable plugins?


    The issue for most pages was resolved by clearing cache and disabling two cache plugins that I’m using for my site. The problem remains for two pages also, in those pages I’m using elementor with theme my login shortcode to create a custom login page and register page. For some reason everything worked when creating the pages but once saved and reopen I couldn’t edit them anymore.


    Yes, I disabled all the plugins but no go. But today I diligently closed all browser windows and deleted the cache again and, finally, resolved the issue for one of the last two pages that had the problem. I can get by without editing the last one, though, as the critical elements in that one are done through GP.

    As time goes on, it must be a bear for the GP and Elementor teams to make sure updates don’t cause problems with each other (or other themes and plugins), given the myriad of ways site developers can combine all the functions. Even though it’s sometimes confusing or annoying to figure out glitches after updates, it’s still worth the flexibility and ease of use when building the site.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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