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    Just letting you know, that I had to do a manual update 🙁 since my GP premium plugin with license key was not automated updated on my multisite install.


    Leo Customer Support

    Hi there,

    I’m running a multisite install and usually no problem with updates as long as the license key is added for each individual site.

    Were you encountering specific any errors?

    Let me know 🙂



    no, no specific error. Just had to find out by myself that a new version was released. I will keep an eye on future updates.


    Leo Customer Support


    Every subsite that uses GP. It’s up to the subsite admin to choose the theme. I hope a network activation key for GP premium will be introduced.


    Leo Customer Support

    Think someone mentioned this before but it wasn’t very easy to implement.

    We will definitely keep it in mind 🙂



    If one subsite has GP-theme activated and license-key added to GP-Premium, but the other sub-site has not, how can I perform the update at all? When trying to update G-Premium vai Network-Admin > Plugins I get the error “Update Failed: Update package not available.”

    Please help, thank you



    Leo Customer Support

    Currently you need to make sure every subsite has valid license key activated and update individually.

    Personally, I just upload the plugin file through ftp.



    “Currently you need to make sure every subsite has valid license key activated and update individually.”
    Well, I plan to offer “WaaS” for consultants, who can sign-up, create their site (as a subdomain on this network or with custom domain via “domain mapping” feature that my network provides) and add their pages (about me, portfolio etc.).
    I was hoping that I can provide GeneratePress and use my GP-Premium license (because it lets me use it on unlimited sites) as the main “webdesign system” (and Elementor if client needs even more control over the layout).
    I could handle adding and updating GP-license on single-sites within my network easily, but as soon as more than 10 clients would use GP & GP-Premium, it would counterproductive to run the network at all.
    Hence, if I cannot update GP-Premium from within the network administration easily and regardless, if clients use GeneratePress or stay with TwentySomething, I need to switch to a theme which supports this use-case. Would be sad to leave GeneratePress, but will now check Astras capabilities in this matter soon. I hope you will let us update from network admin in the future though 🙂



    I have the same issues with Gp-Premium licence activation not be able to manage from my network area. Even my WPML licence has a network api key. I hope GP can give a roadmap that such a feature will come.


    Leo Customer Support

    I’ll mention this to Tom 🙂

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