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    I noticed something weird. (Some of) my plugins stopped updating or even reporting that there is an update. Then I disabled all plugins EXCEPT Elementor, Elementor Pro and GP Premium. It still did not work. Then as soon as I disabled GP Premium the update notification suddenly appeared. Tried a number of times to enable/disable GP Premium and every single time I enabled it the update notification was gone and when I disabled it, the updates were available

    I have WP 4.8.1 with GP being the active theme

    Anyone seen this issue?


    GP Premium version is 1.4.3
    GP Theme version is 1.4

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    Hi there,

    Elementor devs contacted me yesterday reporting this. The trouble is, the GPP updating system has always been the same – we use Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing.

    We haven’t received any reports other than these two. What if you disable Elementor Pro and keep GP Premium active?


    I also have to disable GPP to get Elementor Pro to update. This started about 6 weeks ago.


    This is actually weird as sometimes it is not enough now to disable GPP but perhaps some combination of plugins, but disabling GPP seems to required in order to re-enable Elementor Pro update


    Hi guys,

    Just for the record–I cannot confirm this problem (GP 1.4, GPP 1.4.3). A few hours ago, I was informed in the dashboard about updates being available for Elementor, Elementor Pro and UpdraftPlus. I updated these plugins and everything seems to be OK. In case it should be relevant: This is a local installation on XAMPP.


    Hi Tom,

    I’m also having this issue with Elementor Pro not seeing update notifications unless I disable GeneratePress Premium. I created a ticket with Elementor a few weeks ago. They said they were aware of the issue and were going to reach out to you, but then I never heard back.

    I see they have a page up regarding this issue:


    Any chance we can find a solution? I love Elementor Pro and GeneratePress Premium. I really don’t want to switch page builders or themes. However, I’m a bit concerned about using these on my client sites and then having to do a workaround each time Elementor has an update, which is quite often.

    Not sure why only some people are affected by this. I’ll be happy to email you my system info if that helps. BTW, this is happening on my live site, but I’m not having this issue on localhost/MAMP.

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    Hi Robert,

    They were in contact with me, but I never heard back from them. Unfortunately, our updating system has never changed, so it’s likely there’s an incompatibility between whatever system Elementor uses/switched to/changed recently, and Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing. I hope they’re able to find a fix.

    If they think it’s on the GPP side of things, they know where to find me 🙂


    Thanks, Tom. I will follow up with them on the ticket I created. I agree it sounds like it could be a conflict in Elementor. I’m more than happy to provide system info so hopefully they can find a solution.

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    No problem! Hopefully they’re able to find a solution with Pippin (the developer of EDD Software Licensing).

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