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    I have a page I have been playing with that started as an import of the Uno site. After some edits in Elementor and coming back to it a few days later I’m now seeing an issue where the embedded GP CSS has links to the GP fonts starting with http://

    Wasn’t a problem 3 days ago.
    Tried unloading literally all plugins except Elementor, Elementor Pro and GPP. It didn’t fix it.

    GP v2.3
    GPP 1.8.3


    I was able to get fonts to load by backing out a font change in the customizer for heading to a standard google font (exo).

    I’m still looking for some kind of answer as to how I can avoid this problem in the future by understanding what has happened. Thank you!


    I have this issue too.

    I’m poking around – guessing L740 of /generatepress/inc/css-output.php may be the cause (and the related change ~L1980 of /generatepress/style.css.

    That leads me here – https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33418103/wordpress-get-template-directory-uri-returns-http-instead-of-https

    That’s as far as I got. I’m using Trellis, not sure if that is related.

    EDIT: Surprisingly resolved itself. The only thing I was using fonts for was the search icon, I removed that from my nav & published, then have re-added and published and now the problem is no more

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    That stackoverflow post explains it quite well. If that function is returning http, it means the page isn’t being requested using https. This is something you can likely fix on the server side of things by forcing/redirecting all URLs to use https.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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